Sunday, October 16, 2011


Not going to be blogging much for the next couple weeks... Bright Dark & early Monday morning Pie & I are going East to New Brunswick & Nova Scotia for a little vacation.
I will have internet from time to time but probably not enough time to blog.  We'll see.
I'm pretty excited though, this is part of our 5 weeks off.  Yes FIVE weeks!  Pie hasn't had a vacation in TEN years, and that was 1 week.  I just take an extra couple days each year to go to the Provincial Barrel Finals, and a couple years ago I got to take 2 weeks to go be with my dad for his kidney transplant.
Mom & B are ranch sitting for these 2 weeks.  Pie & I have been off since Thursday.  When we get back we still have lots of plans for our time off, mostly catching up on house/ranch stuff lol  Plus a trip to Edmonton to visit my sis & her family.
I hope to be able to get to Twitter & Facebook even if I'm not blogging, oh and email. 


  1. Great ! enjoy! and ya know , I am only 40 from Edmonton if you are looking for a blogger buddy to grab a coffe with, just sayin'

  2. Should be a fun vacation! I have always wanted to go out East, but havent had a chance yet.

  3. Hope you have (are having/had) a fabulous time!

  4. Enjoy! Hope you get to go to a Ceilidh in true Maritime fashion. We have relatives in Cape Breton, and Ted wants to take me out there for a visit.

  5. Have a good time!

  6. Oh, you so deserve this trip! Have a fabulous time. Can't wait to see pictures and read about your adventures.

  7. Have a fun and safe trip! Looking forward to hearing from you when you get back. Love the banner photo of the sunrise (or is it sunset???).


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