Monday, July 18, 2011

Tucker talks

Hi!  Momma said that I could tells y'all about my day yesterday :)  
but wait jessa minute, that's not me!
Heh heh that's because its Maxie, isn't she purty?  
I gotted to meet her yesterday when we went to Miss Sophie's.  
That's her picture unnerneath... she's lil but she's tough!
Momma tooked me to Auntie Wanda's to meet her grand dog.  
I didn't see the big fuss until I found out Maxie is a Boston too! :)
We sniffed butts and played then sat for some pictures
Boston buddies
Maxie was kinna sad cuz she was missin her momma
but once her momma & dad came to pick her up
she cheered right up.
Max might love her momma as much as I love mine!
 Us plus Miss Sophie (see she really is lil)
Now I didn't want to tell you about how my day started, cuz its kinna embarassing.  
But Momma said she was gonna put the picture up so I might as well tell y'all... 
I jes about gived Momma a heart attack.  
Well at least that's what she says, but she took time to take a picture of it so I dunno. 
But here ya goes.  Me an the other dogs was outside goofing around and, 
well... I tried to run across the pool
(at least that's all Momma needs to know, 
if I was in there actually cuz I fell in... 
well let's not tell her that BOL)


  1. Oh my god! I'm not sure, but I may have jumped in there too, to get Fred, probably be a bad move.

    I love his face when he's in there. "A little help here? Please?"

    Did Maxie and Tucker ever get to romping around? I love to watch Boston's at play.

  2. Too cute. Tucker's face in the pool is a classic "oh sh*t"

  3. They are all too cute for words!!

  4. Oh my Gosh! I also have a boston! They are the clowns of the dog world. Glad to hear Tucker was okay and had a great day with friends!

  5. why does it not surpise me that tucker tried to run across the pool? My boston Tucker would probably do the same if presented the opportunity!

    and the only thing cuter than one TWO Bostons!

  6. LOL! Love bosties, but that Sophie is adorable! Can't blame them for wanting to go for a swim, its too darn hot..:-)

  7. BOL - ha, ha, ha... I've gotta 'member that when I gets to blog again. Actually, I had an embarrassing thing happen yesterday, too. Only I'm not gonna tell... hope my mom doesn't either!
    Glad you had bubble wrap on the pool and it kept you floating.
    Best to you Tucker, from Tucker!

  8. haha good to hear from you Tucker! Too bad about the ool though, wont be tryin that again I bet!

  9. Tucker you're pretty funny! If you wanted a bath, you coulda just jumped in the tub you know!


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