Saturday, July 30, 2011

This 'n That

A couple posts ago ("Umm, excuse me, WTH did the month go?!") Dreaming mentioned she sensed some stress.  Very astute! Between Pie working so much (basically 5 to 7 weeks straight), trying to give the horses enough time, Provincial Finals (beginning of August), District Finals (end of August) and trying to find some missing paperwork so I can step down from the district board with no strings (yeah, our house STILL isn't sorted/organized from our move - which was horribly unorganized) PLUS all the every day stuff... yeah I was (and still to some extent am) feeling stressed.
Then Neighbour Tom came and cut our hay earlier this week.  Thursday he baled it, and it looks really good!  Now we just have to squeeze in the time to get it put away... which means moving and restacking what's left of last year's hay and cleaning out the hay shed, then picking up and putting away the new hay.  We're going to try to get that done, or at least a good dent in it, tomorrow before work.  We'll finish what we have to on Sunday... hopefully it won't be a lot as Sunday is forecast to be H.O.T. and humid.  Plus I was hoping to use Sunday to get my last minute stuff done for finals... pack the trailer, bath the horses, clean boots & brushes, etc etc.  I did get the trailer cleaned out today and new shavings put in, wow did I ever have a bunch of junk in my tack area! 

I've been working Applejack in the arena this week, Voodoo is in better shape so he's had most of the week off.  Today I worked Voodoo and then made a run, about half speed.  It went well so I let him air up and then made a run on him.  Its the first time I've done any barrel work or a run on him since we wiped out July 1st - and it was NICE!  Applejack worked well this week too... I just wish I'd been able to make it to more jackpots.  Its one thing to work at home, a competition run is something else.

Echo is growing like a bad weed!  I swear you can almost see him growing.  I'd show you a pic but SOMEONE (ahem, Tucker!) chewed up my camera cord. 


  1. Moving house is stressful, and we still fail to empty all the boxes and things! I truly sympathise, and if I was over there? I`d pop round and offer some help!

    But anyway good luck in doing some competitions and hope you win some!

  2. Ooh, BAD Tucker! It wouldn't be so bad but like phone chargers, every darn one of those cords is different at the camera end. Good luck finding one.

    >sigh< You may just have to get a new camera.

  3. Does your camera have a card in it? You can get a card reader that goes into a USB port right on your computer, it's what I use to download photos. I gor mine at Walmart, just have to make sure you get the one that your card fits into.
    Nice that you had a good practice run on VooDoo. Good runs in the finals!
    I sure don't envy you all that work with the hay.

  4. Wow poor Pie...and you too...I'm sure you haven't had a day 'off' in quite a while either.

    So much to do and so little time to get it done in.

    Sounds like the ponies are getting ready though. Go get some at Prov. Finals!

  5. Oh tucker, you little stinker! Good luck with the hay, that sound like a huge job. Especially when it so hot out, that's the nature of the beast. Good Luck!


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