Saturday, July 2, 2011

Not Part of the Plan...

... or My Biggest Barrel Racing Fear Comes True.

July 1st is Canada Day up here.  Our district puts on a big Canada Day jackpot, its a double header and happens to take place at my neighbour's place the next road over from us.
I happened to need two more jackpots on Applejack to qualify for finals so I took both boys with me and entered them.  What a turnout!  About 60 entered in the Open, have to admit I'm not sure how many Youth were entered.  A good turnout at our jackpots is usually 20-30 Open.
I was up first on Voodoo, not first of the jackpot (I was actually 23 or something) just first of my two boys; and was feeling pretty good about our chances.  He ran in really nicely, loped in the gate and hit his stride right when we got to the timers.  1st and 2nd barrel were pretty nice, our run was looking good and then it happened... as we finished our turn on 3rd and went to power out for home Voodoo went down.

Everyone has different fears, and with horses you may have different fears for different situations... in barrel racing this has always been my biggest fear: for my horse to go down with me.  As it was happening it almost seemed like slow motion.
I remember thinking "huh, and to think I was nervous to run Appy today"  I also let go of my reins so that Voodoo had his head and I didn't interfere with his attempts to save himself or get back up, some people may disagree with that but I KNEW there was NO way I'd be getting up with him when he got back to his feet.
As I was hitting the ground I took the primary impact on my hip.  As soon as my hip slammed the ground I kinda lifted my upper body so that I didn't whack my head on the ground and I looked over at Voodoo.  I have to admit that seeing him as he finished crashing into the ground kinda made me a bit sick.
I saw him start to gather himself to get back up, which was good because when he was completely down he was on my leg and all I could think was "please don't break my leg!"  As soon as he was up enough that my stirrup was clearing the ground I kicked my foot out and skooched backwards so that I didn't get hung up or stepped on and then I was flat on my back.
It all happened so fast and yet before I could start to get up Mr Tim and another man were there to check on me.  I managed to get to my feet on my own but it hurt a LOT, especially in my hip.  The guy that came over with Mr Tim knew first aid so he checked me over, thank goodness nothing was broken.  While they were checking me out Kimfer came running and Brenda loped up on her horse (pretty sure someone else rode up too but I'm not sure who)  
My friend JT thought that Voodoo shouldered 3rd really bad and his legs just kinda went out from under him.  Mr Tim said that he saw Voodoo's back legs cross each other as he went to dig in and he tripped himself.  Guess without a video we'll never know for sure...
I found out after that my friend Melly's boyfriend Shaun walked Voodoo out for me to check him out and calm him down (thanks again Shaun!) and Brenda took him back to the trailer to tie him up for me (thanks Brenda)
I tried to keep walking to help ease the pain, but I could only walk for a few minutes before I needed a break.  It was a balance of don't walk too much but don't rest too much either.  I realized I wouldn't be able to run Applejack because I was starting to get flares of pain across my back and shoulders and in my neck, so I ended up scratching both his runs and Voodoo's other run.
I am SO grateful that neither I nor Voodoo was hurt worse, I'm sure we'll both be sore for a few days though.  Now that its all over what ticks me off most is that 1) I didn't get Applejack qualified (although I have a jackpot Sunday so maybe he'll be yet) and 2) that I was having such a good run when this happened.... why couldn't it have been on a run where we hit a barrel or were just having a crap run! lol
Although I'm really tired as I write this and looking forward to sleep I am not looking forward to how much I'll probably hurt tomorrow.


  1. Have to say, your one lucky girl! Well done to the horse, for not damaging you. Seems to be just one of those things that happens when riding. But hey! Theres always another day! Good luck and get well soon to you and Voodoo!

  2. Oh god...It's one of those things I try not to think about, but we all know can happen.

    Sooo Thankful that you and VooDoo are only bruised and sore.

  3. Oh no...! So glad neither of you were hurt... Bruised and sore will be manageable. Good to know that all the people around were right there to help out with you and the horse...

  4. Glad you 2 are OK. Sounds like you have a good group of folks to run with!!

    Fingers crossed that you are stronger by Sunday and can get that big goofy App qualified too ;)

    And Ibu Is Your Friend! LOL

  5. i'm so glad you and your horse are ok! sorry that had to happen on such a good day.

  6. Holy.... my heart skipped a beat when I read that Voodoo went down. I'm so sorry you are hurting, but glad that it isn't any worse, and that Voodoo is okay. Kudos to all your friends for their help.

  7. Yikes! So sorry! Advil today. I'm glad neither you nor Voodoo were seriously injured - but still - sorry it happened at all. Well written though!

  8. Oh my! That is my greatest fear too- having a horse fall on me- and I've had it happen twice. Both times, my knee was swollen black and blue down to my toes and I couldn't bend it for three months. It has happened on both knees. Fortunately, nothing else was injured.

    How are you? I'm hoping you and VooDoo are still okay. Take lots of advil, ice, and rest.

  9. I am reading this today, so I suspect you are a hurtin unit by now! Glad niether of you were hurt more seriously , but I think you should get checked out too.

  10. That's one of my biggest fears too. I'm so glad you're ok and Applejack too. Hope you're back in the saddle today!

  11. Thank goodness your alright and Voodoo too!! That is the most important. It is always really scary when the horse we are riding goes down, it is unbelievable that you remembered so much!

  12. Good grief! I really hope that you are not hurt any worse than you say, but I guess that is part of the "game" You take your lumps and move on, sorry it had to be when you were having a good run, that stinks. Crossing my fingers that you are really ok.

  13. Yikes! Glad you are okay and hope you get to Run on Sunday and get Applejack qualified.

  14. It always amazes me that things can happen so fast and still seem to be in slow motion - so glad that you both came through with relatively minor damage, although I'm sure it's not feeling too minor by now! Hope you're on the mend and the run Sunday gets you qualified!

  15. Glad both of ya are o.k. and a belated happy Vanada day..:-)

  16. Wow, I happened by from your comment on another blog. What a nasty accident. Glad you are both going to be all right, but it's a shame you are both hurting. Take care.

  17. Saw your post on Sunday Stills. Just wanted to wish you speedy healing. You are very lucky. It could have been so much worse.

    Take care,

  18. Awww I'm sorry! For your wreck and for your wrecked weekend! Glad that you are ok - but I am sharing your disappointment - I've been there. (((HUGS)))

    ((Slap on back)) Now Cowgirl Up, my Canadian fighter pilot friend, and get back out there and do your best to qualify! We will all be cheering for you!


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