Friday, July 1, 2011


I'm proud to be Canadian. 
and today we celebrate
Canada Day!
Happy 144th birthday Canada!


  1. Happy Day, Canada!
    My hubby and I were camping in Algonquin Park on Canada Day, many years ago. EVERYONE who could get there was camping as well. The camp sites within easy reach of the road were all filled... with many families. To make things worse, a bear decided to celebrate as well and began to hassle campers on one side of the lake we were on... so EVERYONE moved to the island! We had a great time with a small city camping on one small island! It was a fun celebration for us non-Canadians! (But, can I be an honorary Canadian... I missed being born in Canada by a few months - my parents moved to Toronto shortly after I was born. I used to go to camp in Canada every summer... AND... I can still sing "Oh Canada!"

  2. Thanks for posting that video! Happy Canada day to you too!

  3. Happy Canada Day!


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