Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Stills ~ Farm Animals

This week's Sunday Stills challenge: "I konw, this will be a difficult challenge but I’m sure ya’ll can find a few out there somewhere. But for a real challenge find some animals we have not seen yet.:-)"

All these pics are straight out of camera, other than adding the watermark.  They are also from the archives, you can thank Tucker for that... little brat ate my camera cord - again!!
These are from a trip Pie & I took to visit Kimfer at her work (a dairy)

Little note, this pic below of the calves in the calf barn - it was pretty dark in there.  Kimfer couldn't find the lights.  I could 'see' the calves better on my camera than with the naked eye.
And what dairy barn doesn't have a cat, or two or three, to lap up spilled milk?


  1. Dairy barn = kitty kat heaven!

  2. Love the cat shot, must be pure heaven like Shirley said..:-))

  3. Love the opportunistic barn cat!

  4. It looks like a nice place for the cows, they look comfortable. I like that. Great photos.

  5. Lucky kitty! Love that first shot!


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