Thursday, May 26, 2011

Voices in my head

I hear them when I ride. When I groom, tack up, lead or look at a horse.
Voices, many many voices.

I hear the voice of Bonnie, the first person to give me lessons. When I duck in front of my horse and the fence/trailer/whatever he's tied to.
"Always walk around behind your tied horse, never in front!"

Bonnie again, talking about soothing a horse.
"It doesn't matter WHAT you say, its your tone of voice. The horse has no idea that when you quietly and calmly say 'maaashed poootaaaatoooos' that you're talking about supper."

When I'm feeling goofy but lonely I hear songs Kimfer & I used to sing while riding together.
"I could wash my car in the rain. Change my new guitar strings. Mow the yard just the same, as I did yesterday. I don't need to waste my time, cryin over you. I've got better things to do."

From Dave Manning
"Let me just sit on him a spell"

From Ed Wright
"Now what happened there at 2nd barrel? Just WHY did you leave your brain at 1st? You need to take your brain with you the ENTIRE time you're RIDIN!"
"Quit ridin like a white woman!! You gotta have some SOUL when you ride."
"I'm proud of ya baby"
"Well your horse is done but YOU'RE not."

From numerous barrel racing friends

That's just a few, but needless to say even when I ride alone I'm not really alone lol


  1. And I bet the other day you were hearing from Applejack too ;)

    Good post CDN. Keep 'em coming!

  2. Great post! yup all the bits or insights and advice rattle around my head too

  3. Yeah, I hear those things too. Hopefully always will, because that's what keeps us on track- good advice from friends.

  4. Thats cool, I hear things too, and when I don't listen to my inner voice, something happens. I should know better

  5. Yup-I'm right with everyone else.

    I love what Ed Wright says. LOL...To true!

    I didn't get to his early clinic, it was full. Will have to register early for the one in August. I keep hoping Sue Smith will come stay with my neighbor a few days again. ;-) I like my neighbor, she's super nice, but she is not a trainer and her horse is whacka-doodle. We tried riding together the other night and here's Moon just coasting along and her horse is all over the place. Not my kind of 'fun'.

  6. I liked reading what you hear... I hear some of those things, too! It is interesting what sticks with a person!

  7. Everytime I clean anything in my home or really anywhere, I hear my Mom...Bless her heart

  8. I get the same voices when doing my photography..:-)

  9. Good advice those voices have. And some are just good for a laugh! :)


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