Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Stills ~ Weeds & Grasses

The description for this week's Sunday Stills challenge: "This will make ya go outside and maybe get a bit dirty. Note the challenge is for weeds and grasses, not garden variety flowers, if the weed has some color then all the better. If you look closely grasses come in all shapes and sizes. So get out and into some high grass and see what ya can come up with..:-)) "

Our backyard, I posted an almost identical pic to this for the Sunday Stills "In the Sky" challenge.  Someone asked who mows all that grass... Pie usually does (although occasionally I do)  This is just the backyard, when you include the front and the side it usually takes 2 1/2 to 3 hours.  Thank goodness for riding mowers! lol
This is between 2 rows of our Saskatoon berry bushes, no mower has been there yet this year
And these last two pics are my favourite grass... one of our pastures :)


  1. That lawn is huge! Bet it would be a great place for a horseshoe pit or a bocci ball game.

  2. Ahhhh....that pasture looks so lovely.....that nice big yard too (although I bet not so much when you have to mow in August!)


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