Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Strange Find

A couple weeks ago I turned the big horses out to the small pasture and as it has no water of its own I had to turn on the outside hydrant and spigots for the first time since last fall.  Mom was here with me and we strolled around to shut off all the taps and fill the trough in the pasture.  While walking along the trees in the front of the house I caught something out of the corner of my eye and thought "Huh, what was that?"
Unless you have a good eye you won't spot it in this pic, probably not even if you know what to look for, but its there... pretty much in the centre.
Here's a closer look:
There was a deer skull and antlers hanging in a tree!  Its the top half of the jaw and head with the antlers looped through branches.  Its about 5 to 5 1/2 feet up.  Not really sure how long its been there or how it got there.


  1. You don't suppose the poor thing got stuck there and died along time ago do you? I have heard of it happening before....

  2. wow - weird! Steph - I was wondering the same thing...!

  3. Dude... thats wild. I think we all thought the same thing Steph did. Poor fellow...

    First pic though I was staring and staring at it... thinking... "What? Does she have a Wood Elf? A renegade garden gnome plotting an attack?"

  4. Cougar. Don't know if you have them, but they are notorious for dragging their prey up into trees. They can drag big prey into trees, like llamas and what not. Anyways, that's my guess.

  5. WoW...great find!!! Yea...cougar could be the culprit. Quite odd though.

  6. Wow-finding those kinds of things does make a person wonder....

    My guesses are that he was either scraping the velvet off of his horns last fall and got stuck or tried to go through there and got stuck.

    Nice addition to have though.


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