Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Stills ~ In the Sky

This week's Sunday Stills challenge was In the Sky "This can be anything in the sky, planes,clouds,birds or just about anything you can come up with..:-) "

The 4 flags that stand at the end of our driveway
(L-R Canada, Greece, Saskatchewan, and the Roughriders)
My brother came out to our place and flew a kite
(this is at the edge of the hayfield, the neighbour's indoor is in the background)
he did manage to get the kite higher
although the photo doesn't do it justice the moon was very orange this past week
(taken from our deck as it was coming over Pie's workshop)
all week there have been big puffy "Simpson's" clouds in the sky
(I love our backyard)


  1. That is your backyard! KEWL! I love it too!

  2. Love the kite picture. Who has to mow all that grass?? :)

  3. That is a gigantic backyard! Kites were a perfect idea!!!

  4. What a good idea, kites for this challenge. Nice flags too, we put some up this weekend.

  5. Love the kite shot, great idea!!


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