Saturday, May 21, 2011


I rode Applejack the other day.  I was trying Voodoo's bit that I use for sorting and everyday riding so I started in the arena.  He seemed to be working good so we went out in the big pasture.  And that's when I discovered Applejerk had come out to play... that bit just did NOT have enough "whoa" for Applejack once we added any speed.
he looks innocent here doesn't he?
this is before heading out to the pasture

My biceps, shoulders and back hurt so much Thursday night (this ride was Thursday mid-day) that I could hardly sleep.  
To get him to smarten up I had to take a good hold of him and haul  him onto his ample ass a few times.  It worked, he started listening and I was getting a decent slow down by deepening my seat and a good whoa by sitting deep, saying whoa and moving my feet a bit forward.  But I'll still be putting him back in his other bit lol

Other than that it was a good ride, we rode up 'the hill', checked fence, and just in general moseyed around trotting, loping and walking.
I think he was more than ready to head back to the barnyard though, poor guy hasn't been out too much this spring.  And with this EHV going around I'm not sure if I'll be doing any competing this summer anyhow.  So there will be lots of pasture riding... too bad we don't have more land ;)


  1. Laughing at his new name!
    My first horse came with the name, "Cool Jerk".... that was changed quickly!

  2. Love the nickname ,it actually suits a lot of them in the spring

  3. But he is a beautiful hores..:-))

  4. haha I love the name too. I have a few that name is suitable for at certain times too.

  5. I like grey horses, something about them, mind of there own.

  6. Oh well, it's just a spring fling and wet saddle blankets will fix that. Love the new header, and the way Applejack's mane looks in the last photo.


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