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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


LK is a friend of mine, a bit younger but still a friend.  I met her a few years ago through our local barrel club.  When we moved to our acreage we kinda became neighbours, add that we're both horse crazy and LK putting some rides on Applejack tuning up the holes I was having trouble with and we've become friends.
Yesterday I got one of the WORST text msg's you can get from a horsepal... "Mattie's gone".
I msg'd back "WHAT?!?!"  then a few minutes later "Did she get out or did someone take her?"About 45 minutes after the first msg I got one saying "Can you call me".  I was in the city so I msg'd that I'd call her as soon as I could then headed home.  A second later my phone bleeped at me, I was at a red light so I glanced at it and the msg said "She's dead"  As soon as my light was green I pulled into a parking lot and called LK.
I had a hard time understanding her because she was crying so hard, and honestly I was having a hard time not crying too.  At first LK and her dad thought maybe Mattie had gotten out, turns out she had gotten trapped between the fence and feeder.  The neighbour found her and let them know.
A hard way for anyone to lose their horse, harder still when she's your rodeo partner and good friend.  My heart was breaking for my young friend.
Mattie was a sweet horse but also a tough rodeo horse.  She and LK qualified for CCA finals (Junior Barrels) in 3rd place, having been the leader for a good part of the season.  After some tough luck they fell short of winning the season championship.  I was really impressed with how gracefully LK handled it, she never once blamed her horse (unlike a LOT of competitors) Instead she focused on the good things and celebrated her horse. 
LK is still in high school so she ran in the juniors, but they could run with the ladies too... in Stettler they entered the ladies division and were 4th our of 82.  In Elbow the won the junior's by 6/10s, that time tied the winner of the ladies.
The last couple days have been pretty tough for LK. She says one of the things that has helped her get through is all the msg's she has been getting and realizing how many people care about her and loved & respected Mattie.  I remember how when LK talked about Mattie she would just LIGHT UP.  And how Mattie always loved to stick her nose into LK's hair and breathe deep.  How Mattie always rolled in the indoor and goofed around but was all business when it was time to race.
Again LK, I'm so sorry for your loss, just know your Mattie Rae is waiting for you on the other side of that Rainbow Bridge... where you guys will have all of eternity.


  1. Oh my goodness, such a sad story. I am so sorry to hear about LK's loss of her beloved horse!! So, so sad.....

  2. That is just awful - sending good wishes and thoughts to her.

  3. That sucks, it will be hard to find one as good as she was.

  4. Tears. How sad. What a lovely post and tribute. Great pictures showing what a great horse she was.
    Bizarre accidents, such as this, are haunting. One never knows. Many times when I am away from the house and I get a call from a neighbor, my first thought is that one of my guys is in trouble. I get that heart-thumping reaction until I find that they are calling about some other subject.
    Give LK a hug from me.

  5. poor kid, beautiful horse. So sad to lose a friend like that

  6. I'm so sorry. Such a sad thing to have happened!

  7. Oh no - what a sad thing to have happen. Poor LK - give her a hug from all of us - I can't imagine how hard that must be.

  8. hugs to (((LK)))

    thats going to take a while to get over :(

  9. how aweful! I'm tearing up just reading the post!

  10. I am really saddened to hear this. Hugs to ((LK))