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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Creeping Crud

Yep, it got me... got me good too.  Pretty sure I picked it up two Sunday's ago when I spent seven, yes SEVEN, hours at the hospital with Pie.
He called from work and said that he was going to the hospital because he was coughing really badly and having trouble breathing.  Silly man, instead of asking me to meet him there with his medical card he came all the way home to get it (and me) and then we went to SPH. 
(of course he wanted to change into comfy sweatpants too... we knew we'd be there awhile)
By the time we left we found out that Pie doesn't have a 'bug' or anything right now.  He is still coughing from his pneumonia (uh, yeah, the one from late December) because of irritation to his throat and lungs and because he has reactive airway - which is kinda like saying a horse has founder or navicular, its more a description of symptoms not a definitive diagnosis.  Pie was given a prescription for two different kinds of inhalers and a super heavy-duty cough suppressant.  We're hoping to learn more when we go to the specialist on Monday.  And I left with a killer cough which turned into a nasty case of the creeping crud.
Monday it was full blown, sinuses were packed, cough hacking away, low energy.  I pretty much chilled out (Monday is our day off) and rested so that I could work open to close at the restaurant Tuesday so that Pie could stay home and try to get his cough under control... besides we wanted to see if that medicine was going to let him drive or not, the doctor said it may really knock him on his rear.  Rest assured, I do not handle the food at the restaurant!
I managed to get through Tuesday but I was w-i-p-e-d out.  When I got home I had a quick bite to eat with Pie and went to bed... for 12 hours.  Wednesday I woke up even worse, Pie took one look at me and said "You are NOT going to work tonight!!"
(I musta looked pretty damn bad!  Even my father-in-law said it was good that I had stayed home)
I pretty much spent the rest of the week, well actually up to this Tuesday, doing as little as possible... rest on the couch so that I could go to work and make it through the night. 
This Tuesday was the first night I was able to sleep without any "medical help"... good thing I've never used "recreational drugs" because little old over the counter NyQuil cough and cold knocks me on my keister!!
I did have a great babysitter/nurse though...
(yes those are Spongebob pj's I'm wearing)
Tucker stayed by my side pretty much non-stop.  In fact the few times he did go and play he ran right back to me if I started coughing.  This is the same little dog that has at least one random burst of frenetic energy a day as well as lots of regular play and running through the yard.  Yesterday, when I was finally feeling somewhat better, he ran laps up and down the hallway from the bedroom to the living room, jumped on and off the bed, leaping in the air and spinning in circles... over and over and over. And over.

Ed - you really do want a Boston, they are such loving and funny dogs.  My dad has often had a dog that would travel in his truck with him, so that's no excuse!  Better than those truckers with cats stretched across the dash ;)


  1. You have my sympathy, its a rough one, when this cold gets a hold. Twice this year my OH has been laid low, and its truly a bad one. Get well soon.

  2. I hear you regarding the creeping crude..we have been passing it around the house for about a month. We also have a Boston terrier (Kittsy) who is our nurse and caretaker! I will always be proudly owned by a Boston terrier..Best companion dog ever! How you are feeling better and Pie is doing better!

  3. I feel so bad for you!! I hope you are doing better. I haven't been sick like that in a while, but I remember feeling that way and it is NO FUN. Especially bad when you both are not feeling well.....take care of yourselves!

  4. Can't have a cat, I'm hyper alergic to them. If I ever get another dog it will be a Boston or maybe a Jack Russle. Hope ya feel better soon, cool jammies..:-)

  5. Oh my goodness! That is the cutest little Boston.
    My uncle used to be a truck driver and always took his Boston with him on his long routes so he wouldn't be alone. That dog just adored him and looked forward to riding shotgun across country.

    Yeah. Ed needs a great pooch to keep him company.