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Monday, March 21, 2011

A bit late, a birthday and Sunday Stills

Sorry I'm a bit late getting this posted... I had my family over for the day and then spent the last half my day in the hospital with Pie (don't worry he's okay now)
This week's Sunday Stills challenge was Canine Companions.
Here are my pooches in a rare moment, all three are still and quiet:
Misty (Golden Retriever X Rottie) Comet (Lab X Border Collie) & Tucker (Boston Terrier)
Usually at least one of them is on the move... or all of them:

Yeah we had a wee bit of snow fall the other day.  Don't tell Tucker he's not a big dog lol
And now for the birthday... March 20 my little Tucker turned 1 year old!  Hard to believe that he went from a little snub nosed pup:
To a handsome young dog.  There are some similarities though, he's still a sleepy little snuggle bug!
For his birthday Tucker got his new "big dog" collar, its the exact same as the big dogs's.  A leather collar with "sheriff stars" on it. The little blue nylon collar we got him as a puppy went from as small as it could possibly be made to as large as it could be made. Tucker also got a new dog tag.  On the back is his name and our phone number and on the front is his position here (trust me its fitting lol)

For the record Comet and Misty got new  tags too.  Comet's says "Top Hand" and Misty's says "Ranch Security".  Both are also very fitting.
Thank you so much to Fetching Tags!  I love the way the tags turned out plus they got here this past Friday, just in time for Tucker's birthday!! :)


  1. I adore the picture of Tucker getting lost in the snow. The little guys are always so much fun to watch. You are right...they think they are big guys, too.

  2. The third picture is so funny, and I love the last shot! He sure is a cute little fellow. Sammi will turn 1 on March 29, my how time flies.

  3. Well, after runnin' in the snow that's over his head, he should be one tired pup!!! Love the tags they got!

  4. I love the tags too! What a cute idea to give them "jobs". Love it!


  5. I'm such a sucker for a pushed in face :-)

  6. just love Tucker! I have two boston's myself, one is black/white and the other red/white. Due to some other issues we're having to rehome our red/white one, just can't have as many pets :( So far no luck finding the perfect home for her yet, you interested in another one? Canada wouldn't be too hard to get to from Kansas would it? lol

  7. Too cute! Great pics and tags!!

  8. I love the names you put on the dog tags!! So cool!
    That is a great pix of Tucker getting buried in the snow, gotta love that little dog!! I so want one!

  9. I LOVE TUCKER! What a cool dog, I need one..:-)
    Great pics too