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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Formal Introductions

The breeders that we bought Odin and Octavius from stopped by on Sunday to check on the boys and drop off the papers... I finally got to find out if AQHA gave me my names or made up their own.  I was really hoping one of my six would be picked (that's six name selections per colt)  Usually when AQHA makes up the name themselves its not a very "good" name.  Or at least that's what I've heard from several people.
I was in luck.  Not only were the names on the papers ones I'd sent in, they were each my "first pick" name!
So without further ado allow me to introduce:

JLS Shock N Twist
JLS Ima Cool Threat

The "JLS" is for the breeders.  It was their only requirement when they let me choose the names to send in.  I was pretty happy that they let me name my boys :)

*sorry for the poor quality pics, the boys were feeling a bit frisky and it was cool and windy out, tomorrow's post has a pic of how Odin felt about modelling lol*


  1. Now how cool is that! Never have we gotten our first name pick!

  2. Congrats on getting your names, but sorry you're still having such icky weather. Jaz is shedding out. Daltrey's still hanging onto his wavy baby coat, and he's been sweating the last couple of days.

    BTW, I just love Tucker :-)

  3. Cool names! You were lucky to get them both.

  4. Glad you got your first choice in names. It's great that you got to name them, not the breeder.
    My T-bred was named 'Still Life' by the breeder. I hated that name. It reminded me of stillborn. But, she had her stable name, like most horses, and I actually didn't know her registered name until months after I purchased her and received the papers.

  5. Beautiful horses, a bit shaggy but then I see snow on the ground, hope spring hurries up and gets there soon..:-)

  6. Very cool names! You did good!

    Adding the breeder's initials really helps get those first picks.

    I'm a fuddy-duddy about my name picks. I only ever enter 3 names that I really like and refuse to let the AQHA pick names (there is a little box on the registration form that you can check).

  7. I wouldn't like the registry picking my names. YUCK! Glad you got your picks. That's very cool.

  8. So happy to hear you got your names!! Our Tennessee Walkers came with their registered names, and we gave them their every day names. Divna is actually "Threat's Gypsy Lady" and Zora is "She's Got It Covered" -- so I can relate to the organization giving the goofy names....

  9. That is so cool that you got to pick their names!! That way you know you will like them!

  10. The trick to getting your first name choice is to go on the AQHA website, log in to member services, go to the Horse research drop down menu and click on Research Foal Names. Type the name you want in the search box; if it is taken it will show up, along with some info on the horse (eg. color, sex, and year foaled. If it doesn't show, the name isn't taken yet. I use this service all the time and have only had to resort to my second choice name once when someone beat me to a name. I also click the box to not let AQHA name the foal, they phoned me and asked which other name I wanted.