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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Adopt the Internet

If you're looking for a new pet please consider one from a rescue or shelter.  Many people write them off as "problem animals" when in fact there are many wonderful animals in need of homes and it's not their fault they're in a shelter.  People move, they have children, they lose their jobs, they develop allergies, they lose interest, the pet got 'too big'.  I never said all the reasons are good...
Shelter and rescue pets come in all ages, condition, size and breed.  Yes that's right breed.  Got your heart set on a purebred?  You can find one!
So please, go to your local shelter or surf the net and you may find your next best friend:

Petfinder Adopt-the-Internet Day


  1. Our 3 dogs are rescues. Our 2 cats just wandered in of their own accord. Well, of course they did.

    One of the reasons we favor rescues is the ready availability of young adults rather than puppies and kittens. Our schedules don't allow proper time for house training.

    If you want a specific breed, do an Internet search for that breed and the word rescue. Every breed has one.

  2. Our 4 are rescue dogs!.....All from homes no one wanted, like you say, too big! too small! Not the right colour, wont fit into my handbag!!

    some people!!

  3. Thanks for sharing this and promoting adoption! With the exception of Barrow and Molly, all our animals are rescues and always have been.