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Monday, November 29, 2010

Not again

Last week Monday I took Tucker and the barn kitties to the vet, they were all scheduled for "the cut". I know a lot of people don't fix their barn cats but I didn't want to have kittens to find homes for, and I didn't want a bunch of unfixed toms around to spray everywhere either.
Tucker got checked in first. Dr F looked him over and checked a few things I was concerned about (eyes, heart... both are fine) and then we got to work checking in the cats.
You may remember that I discovered awhile ago that one of my girl kitties, Olive, ended up being a boy and renamed Oliver. Dr F and I were talking about this as she was checking out Evie and she said "So, what do you want to rename this one?"
"NO way" I said as she turned Evie's butt to me so that I could see that yes indeedy she was a HE.
Dr F laughed and said "I'll just put down Evan for now and you can call us later and let us know what his name is."
To make it a bit more funny? The girl I got "Evie" from is a true blue farm girl that worked at the vet clinic and is one of my friends from work (at the restaurant). Now she shoulda known better! I texted her as soon as I got out to my car lol
I told Pie about it as soon as I got home, he laughed. And a little while later I called the vet clinic and told them to change Evie's file to show that HIS name is now Eli.


  1. Once in a while, those boy kitties like to hide 'em for a while. Just glad they descended!

    Also, female cats can and do spray if allowed to mature before being spayed. Our Rosie did that. She'd been adopted from a rescue, just a teeny kitten having kittens. She was spayed before we brought her home. But she still sprayed. Ick!

  2. very common mistake with kittens, but it cost less to neuter than spay so you came out well.

  3. LOL Still think you shoulda named him ELVIS ;)


  4. *Grin* When I took my kitties to be fixed I put a ? on the sex for one of them. I hadn't been able to really handle the kitten. I thought it was a she...but sometimes you don't know!
    The gal checking us in kinda chuckled. I guess it is quite common!

    Eli is a great name!

  5. You should try sexing a squirrel...LMAO.

    No doubt about what MR. Scrat is these days. :O

  6. Eli - is a GREAT name. Evan was good to though - you vet thinks on his feet!

  7. we got a kitten in July, we think she's a girl.... but I've made that mistake before! I had a kitten, thought it was a girl, turned out he was a wonderful daddy! lol

  8. D'oh! Hopefully everyone made it in to the vet before anything "bad" could happen!

    Good for you for getting the barn cats fixed - so many people don't bother and have kittens everywhere.
    (not to mention all of the weird things they get (goopy eyes, cough)when they don't see the vet occassionally - yuck!)

  9. haha thats funny. Once is funny twoce is hilarious! But good choice on the name Eli though.

  10. ah but the best thing about the sex change thang' lol is that its cheaper to neuter then to spay! Yay boys! lol