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Thursday, November 4, 2010


I am returning to blog world slowly but surely.

This hit me yesterday when I was fighting with Blogger to get my pics uploaded for Wordless Wednesday. I noticed that the month of October had the most posts since we've moved.

And then when I went through my blogroll I realized I'm almost completely caught up (sorry I haven't been commenting as much)

Then I noticed that I have almost 100 followers. Small potatoes compared to some blogs but I'm just surprised anyone has stuck around with how sporadically I've been posting lol

And now, 3 posts in a row! (if you count the Friday Funny scheduled for tomorrow that is)

I have to say I've missed you guys and its nice to be back.


  1. Good blogs are worth following.

  2. I hear ya, sometimes we just get busy.....

  3. Good to hear more from you - hard to post regularly when there is lots going on...

  4. Missed ya girl! Glad you are able to post a bit more now and then, and fill us in on your goings on. And why would we NOT follow you? With all the critters, we NEVER know what is going on way up there in Extreme Tundra Country!!

  5. I hear ya. I've not been able to keep up with blogging since my kidlets started their home school year. We've been so busy. And the other thing is how Blogger's not been updating my blog reader list. So I'm never sure who has recently posted. Oh well.

    I'm glad you're back. :)