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Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Funny

I don`t know why but I find this commercial pretty funny so I thought I`d share it with you:


  1. holycrap that's awesome! i love it! please, show me more. i don't get any cool commercials here. americans are just so much more advanced when it comes to being funny.

  2. assuming, totally, that this is actually american *blush*

  3. @ Lytha - well its North American lol. Its for so its Canadian.

  4. lol! The guy winking with his pec muscle did it for me.

    Funny, I don't even remember what the commerical was about. Just some greasy guy in a thong. lol!


  5. eww, I didnt even watch the video and was laughing already, everytime it comes on I think its icky (but funny as well, lol)