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Thursday, November 11, 2010

I wear my poppy with pride.

Canada often seems to be thought of as a peace-keeping country. Or a country that sits on the sidelines.

However our soldiers have also made the ultimate sacrifice.

In 1914 we were not even yet a country, still just a colony. By 1918 we were on our way to becoming a nation. With a population of only 8 million we still sent over 600,000 men and women to join the fight in World War I.

That was just the beginning. Canadian soldiers have been a part of many major conflicts the world over. And yes they take part in peace-keeping efforts as well.

Remembrance Day is the day that is "officially" set aside to remember our soldiers. Please take a moment to show your respect for them no matter, both those that were lucky enough to return home to their loved ones and those that made the ultimate sacrifice. Even if you don't agree with war, a particular war or just war in general. After all these are the men and women that put their lives on the line so that you have the privilege of living in a free country.

The symbol of Remembrance Day is the poppy: image of poppy found online
Some say the poppy is the chosen symbol because it's red. And we were it on our chest to remind us that the people that go to war for us are real people. And that they bleed. The truth is that while the poppy was chosen to commemorate all soldiers it is the symbol of a horrific battle in the spring of 1915. In Ypres, in a poppy field, there were more than 100,000 Allied casualties. And in less than 48 hours 60,000 Canadians gave their lives.

To the 152 Canadian soldiers that will not be returning from Afghanistan, and to all our men and women that have served at any time in the Canadian military, I thank you, I honour you and I remember you.


  1. As a Veteran,of several minor and one major conflict. I have a tough time with this day. While thinking of friends past, and friends no longer with us, I often feel quite lonely.

    There are no words however staunch and moving that can ever alleviate the sense of loss and anger. I dont care whether this war is legal or not. The fact is, that Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen are the ones who sacrifice their lives for the failure of Diplomats.
    I will never forget my friends. I will never be able to clear my mind of any of it. But, through out it all, there is for me a great sense of Pride.
    I wear my Poppy. Not just for the day.

  2. Thanks for posting! I wear mine with pride too...

  3. Our Dad was with the Seaforth Highlanders from beginning to end of the war......

    and our uncle was with the British Navy... his destroyer was torpedoed and he was one of the 93 survivors....

    neither of them said much about most of it... it seemed like most of the guys didn't.... it was too horrible for them ... I think it's a good thing we don't know the half of it..but, also a good thing we remember them for what they did.
    Just humble guys doing a job they felt they had to do...

  4. Excellent post, I also wear mine with pride and respect.

  5. Excellent post, we need to remember our country would not be free if not for those amazing people who gave thier lives for us. I wear my poppy as well.

  6. Sometimes I wonder, the state the world is in
    now, was it a waste of life?