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Monday, November 15, 2010

The story to Wordless Wednesday "P!$$ed Off"

George is extremely unimpressed with me... you can't mistake a dirty look when you see it
He seems to think I am quite horrible. After all I did separate him from the love of his life, Cessa.
They were sharing the pen that led to the pasture. George had been raised on pasture so I wasn't too worried about letting him graze but two things happened that made me decide he needed to be in a different pen.
1: he was getting fat. Then I discovered he had figured out how to bang Cessa's pail and make it spill her grain out. So little George was getting pretty fat and Cessa was losing out on some of those precious calories that she really needs.
2: George was getting a bit possessive of his girlfriend. When I would go in their pen to set up Cessa's bucket, or to catch her George would pin those cute ears at me as if to say "Back off lady she's mine!!"
He was NOT happy about the move.

"aaah, my love is on the other side of that fence"
I moved the horses around; put Voodoo & Applejack in a pen, left Cessa in the pen with pasture access and put George & Rootbeer in a pen. Being on a 'diet' will be good for both of the little guys! George packed on some pounds (as the pics show) by helping himself to Cessa's grain and bad, bad Rootbeer had been escaping his pen to graze!

George found his voice after the move. Before he would bray but it was very, very quiet. Not so any longer, he is one loud little sucker! lol And he would bray every single time HIS Cessa came in for water or to hang around. He still brays, loudly, but now it is usually around feeding time unless something riles him up.

Its been about a month since I split them up but he is still p.o'd at me. Whenever I'm around his fuzzy ears go back... I'm waiting for him to get his revenge.

(not looking forward to it, just waiting for it)

If I dare to go in his pen he puts those ears back and stalks along behind me. I turn around and point my finger at him and say "Don't you dare to look at me with ears like that mister!" and he flips them forward and assumes an innocent pose. But I'm pretty sure that's all it is, a pose.

He doesn't do this to Pie, just to me, so I know George knows who is responsible for 'breaking his heart'. Yikes! lol


  1. Oh - poor Georgie got himself in trouble! Smart to move them, but I hope revenge doesn't bite you in the butt or something when you are feeding him!! What a little brat he is - but he is still kinda cute.

  2. Yeeahhh.... I forgot to warn you that once you piss off a donkey they NEVER forget. Might FORGIVE after a while, but he'll never ever ever forget ;)

    Rub those ears from me. He is just tooooo damn cute!! And smooch Rootbeer too!!!!

  3. Maybe you should get him another donkey for a companion- he might forgive you then!

  4. wow. donkeys must be really smart.

    i hope he settles down and appreciates the people who feed him. geez! and the braying, i'd love to have a donkey here (or two) but i'd be so worried about annoying the neighbors!

  5. Oh! You're a MEAN mommy! Ok, they don't get that you're only looking out for their best interests.

  6. haha where I board they have a donkey (pedro) usless that her is. But he was attached to a mare nameed Tequila and her owners took her home after like 5 years together and he is one unhappy donkey! he still hasnt forgiven the barn owner, she cant do anything with him, which she doesnt want to so its okay really, but they sure picka friend pretty fast.

  7. Beware the wrath of the long ears!


    Donkey's don't like diets.