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Monday, December 6, 2010


I've been trying to get a post or two up.  But things just keep getting in the way....
Took my vehicle in for routine maintenance and then that night the check engine light came on. Took it back and they cleared the code (it was something to do with the gas cap).  And the very next day the stupid light came back on.  Took it in and they kept it, it was the O2 sensor (??)  I appreciate that they gave me a loaner but wow did I NOT like that car!!  My vehicle isn't a 'luxury' automobile but its a lot nicer, and roomier, than the plain jane bottom of the rung car that I was stuck with.  I also missed my winter tires.
The remote for the garage door opener that was put in didn't work.  When I tried to program it (after reading the instructions) it went on the fritz and the wall button wouldn't work either.  The only way it would open or close was if you pushed the button right on the unit (on the ceiling)  Got that figured out and fixed but it was a bit of a pita until I got a chance to do it, for awhile it was just too darn cold to mess around out in the garage.
The pellet stove was on the fritz.  My stepdad came and checked the chimney and cleaned the stove.  Still didn't work.  Thank goodness it turned out to just be the sensor, but the stove was down during the wicked cold snap we had.
The quad was broke, stuck in the middle of the yard like a lump.  Thankfully the quad and stove were fixed by my awesome stepdad.
Then we had VIP visitors to 'the ranch'  My auntie M and uncle R were visiting all the way from New Brunswick!  Ok so yeah, that's not a foxtrot moment at all, but it did keep me busy for the day :) 
Yesterday was my day off.  All I had planned was to do laundry and housework, and catch up on blogging.  And then the $h!t hit the... well not fan.  But it was literally a $h!tty day.  The pump in our septic tank quit. :(
So there I was, home alone with 'water' overflowing in the basement toilet, shower and floor drain in the laundry room.  I wasn't sure at first it was the septic, but I kinda thought it was.  After calling our neighbour TP (who is also our hay guy) it was confirmed that there was something wrong with the septic.
I checked the pumpout and it looked like it had pumped recently.  I couldn't get the cover off the actual septic tank itself though.
TP had just had surgery so he couldn't do any lifting/bending so I tried my stepdad, he was ice fishing, and some friends, no luck.  TP called to say he could come over and check things out and 'supervise' the repairs. 
While I waited for TP and his wife LP to come over I bailed and mopped up water and emptied 3 mop pails full of water from the basement.
LP & I used a pry bar to get the cover off the tank, it was frozen shut.  Then we lowered a pump into the tank and started pumping the overflow.  Once it was pumped I went inside to see if it was still coming in.  Thankfully it wasn't and the little bit I hadn't got cleaned up in the laundry room was drained back down the hole.
TP confirmed that the pumpout wasn't frozen and instructed me as I removed the old pump from the septic tank and rigged in the new pump (ewwww - thank goodness for gloves!!)
After all that I had to bleach the floor in the basement (yay for cement floors) and wash all the laundry that got wet.  I had unfortunately been on the ball and had it pre-sorted and sitting on the floor ready for laundry day.


  1. Okay your due for some good luck here ASAP!

  2. Foxtrot indeed! Sounds like you've got some of my Murphy luck. Hope things improve for ya soon.

  3. Glad you got it sorted out and it didn't cost a kazillion dollars.

  4. Lots of "foxtrot" moments there! Yikes! Glad you got the septic pump fixed - way to go for working on it (with your awesome neighbour's help)!!

    Hopefully you guys have a few weeks with some good luck now!

  5. Right. So, girlfriend, you for got a few of the OTHER words ;)

    Like, WHISKEY and TANGO! (*coughcough*)

    Glad you are a resourceful, talented, intelligent, and Git 'R DONE kinda gal!! You GO Super Woman!!!

    Kisses to equids from me! And TLC to the rest of the crew!

  6. Modern technology a wonderful thing when it works. Sorry to read about all that "crap" stuff is tough when you are by yourself ....thank goodness you got everything going and yay for the hay guy.

  7. They say things come in three`s? Sounds like you deserve some TLC!

  8. Awww that sucks septic stuff is sooo icky and completely freakin expensive whenever it happens. Sorry - but hey, at least you don't have the stomach flu!

  9. Oh my gosh. That's more than enough crappy stuff happening to you. Here's wishing you better luck in the days to come. The septic would have just sent me right over the edge, lol.

  10. foxtrot? nope, time for you to do a spa!!!!

  11. at first I didnt understand what you meant by "foxtrot" but I quickly figured it out! lol We had septic problems a few years ago and it was a HUGE PITA... good luck and hope yours is sorted.

  12. I'm sorry you had such a crappy day! Pun intended. ;-)