Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Sunday

Not "SuperBowl Sunday", although I've heard for a few people that's what it was. lol
Nope my Super Sunday was barrel racing, getting to hang with the girls, and finding an indoor arena to ride in!
First up was the double header at Sandhills. For which I had to get up at 6:30 (remember, due to our work life I don't normally go to bed until about 4!). Its kinda annoying to get up that early when Sandhills is literally less than 15 minutes from my house. But of course I have to drive out NORTH of the city to get my trailer and the horses and then drive SOUTH of the city to the jackpot. Blah!
Kimfer took Isis, she's still retiring Baron from barrel racing. I took Applejack. Poor guy, he broke a sweat for the first time in a couple months. lol
The first jackpot I placed 3rd in the 3D with a not bad, not great run.
The second jackpot I had the best run I've ever had with him.
And the timer failed. (boo!)
I was offered a re-run and told the announcer I'd take it at the end of the Open so that 1)the other girls kept their place and didn't loose their ground and 2) Applejack could air up.
I was really considering not taking that re-run. After all our run had been awesome. How could he know that it was just a timer malfunction? But I ignored my gut and took it.
And hit a barrel.
This run was not as nice as our money earning one from the first jackpot but it wasn't our worst either. I nudged 3rd coming out and down it went.
Shoulda listened to my gut.
After the Sandhills jackpots Kimfer and I loaded up and took the horses home. Julie met us there with Blue (she was only exhibitioning not actually entering, trying the go slow and no buck route)
We stalled the horses with some hay and water and went to the Sports Page for lunch, then we headed to Kimfer's house for a little rest and to kill time before the 3rd jackpot.
Back at the barn the horses seemed a bit confused at being loaded again instead of turned out. Even when we got to Hanson's and were warming up they seemed to be thinking "didn't we do this earlier??"
Hanson's used to be a few different places. It is currently owned by a guy who owns a garbage company and Lora rents the arenas/pastures/barns from him. Her boarders are covering her rent, power and heat (yes the arena is heated!). So far its not covering the hay. She needs to find a way to make more money without taking in too many more boarders. (he's told her that whenever she quits renting he's going to use it to store his garbage equipment, it would be a huge waste and she doesn't want that to happen) I asked if she lets people haul in to ride and what she charges, she does and its $20/day or $150/month. Maybe if she has a few more people do that it would help. I know I'll be going a few times a month, its less than 10 minutes from where I board!
Back to barrel racing. Hanson's was a single jackpot and was run as 2 runs fast time. I had a good first run and my second run was even better. We ended up 2nd in the 3D!
To wrap up the day Kimfer was also very pleased because she won some money for the first time in a little while, at Hanson's she was 3rd in the 3D. And Julie was very happy because Blue stayed nice and calm, loped the pattern very relaxed and did not even consider bucking!
All in all it was a super day!


  1. I'm seriously thinking of putting a couple barrels in the back pasture. I think the horses would like it. Of course, I'd only be walking or trotting, but ya gotta start somewhere.

  2. Congrats!!

    I hope the practice pattern is beneficial. I have a habit of dropping my shoulder coming into 2nd, so I like this pattern because I have to sit up straight to stop my horse straight at the rate spot before second. Then both me and my pony get to practice rating correctly. I don't get a chance to drop my shoulder and neither does the horse.

    They say, one more day of cold and then we are going to enjoy at least 4 or 5 days of warm weather...which to me at this point is anything 40 degrees or over. Moon is getting a little antsy, so I'm looking forward to some nice long walks with him.

  3. Too bad about that fallen barrel, but everything else you and AppleJack accomplished more than made up for that. :)
    Woot, way to go!
    And a heated arena to ride and play in? Awesome!

    I always enjoy reading about your horse events. Keep 'em coming...and post some pics, too!

    Maybe once I'm able to ride again, I can set up some barrels in the arena just for me and my mare to walk around until I build up my strength and work past any lingering fears. Sound good?


  4. That was a super day! I don't do football either ;~)

    I can see the confused look on the horses faces...LOL...isn't it funny how they get into such a routine?

  5. Congratulations on your placings!!!
    It sounds like it was a great day filled with horses and friends. :)

  6. Way to go! Congrats, those are great runs!

    No superbowl here either!

  7. Bad timer! Always trust your gut:-) easy to say huh.
    Glad you got some good runs though and perhaps an indoor arena to school in, sounds like a win-win.

  8. Must be nice to get out and ride in an heated seems like the indoors here are always soooo cold, colder than it is outside!

  9. Jesse and I only do barrels when we're at playdays. We had one this week...took 3rd. However at pole bending Jesse decided to take it home at the 3rd pole! LOL He loves to take it home. Loved hearing about your runs!

  10. Desert Rose - we actually ran poles on Sunday too! After the double header at Sandhills they had poles. Our run was really good except that I had a driver error moment. Weaving through the first time I actually could hear a few people (stuff like 'whoo' and 'niiice') but I set up for the turn around the last pole poorly and ruined our momentum. :(

  11. What fun for you to have good runs; I take it you were in the money too! If I don't get Sassy sold, I want to try barrels with her; she has the right breeding, the right mind, and plenty of speed. That's a couple of years away though!

  12. Awww that sounds sooo fun! I want to go ride tooo!!! ....(pout).....

    Seriously though it sounds like you guys had so much fun! Did ya all break out a few beers? Ahhhh... I can't wait till I hit a show....

  13. great to see a cowgirl passionate about riding. Sounds like your having fun. I will be posting some thoughts on horses behavior. I would love to have you check it out. My training is transferrable to all disciplines. Keep riding.
    christa Lynn


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