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Monday, February 23, 2009

Rainbow bridge :(

Yes Heaven has a new horse joining the herd...
This big, strong, loyal buckskin galloped over the bridge tonightI know his cowboy will miss him dearly
I'm so sorry for your loss Ben (and Jacquie)

Kimfer called me this evening to cancel our plans. She had got a call from her aunt, she wasn't sure what was up because her phone was cutting out, but she knew something was wrong. I told her no problem and to keep me posted (her aunt is like a big sister to me).
Kimfer called me back shortly after she got to Ben & Jacq's to tell me she was pretty sure that Bear had just died. They were waiting for the vet but Kimfer was 99% sure he was already gone.
Apparently when Jacquie went to check the horses this evening Bear was in the alley-way behind the barn and was staggering. She got Ben and called Kim. Bear went down and Ben had his head in his lap when he died.
The vet's diagnosis was colic, I'm not sure what caused it. But his gut had twisted and he had a big gas pocket that ruptured his insides.
Jacquie is feeling pretty bad, she had seen Bear in the afternoon and thought he looked fine. I'm sure Ben is taking it hard, as much as he tries to be "a guy" about his animals we know he loves them.

*Photos by Dany Rosseau*


  1. Awww This is never easy for anyone.
    Poor bear and his owners. He looked like not only a beauty but a good working horse too. I have a post about a visit to the rainbow bridge if it will bring any comfort.

  2. Such a tough time... he looks like he was a wonderful horse. Thoughts and prayers with you..

  3. Gosh-that is bad luck. Such a nice horse. I remember when you posted those pictures of him and said how nice he was. What a shame.

    My condolences to your friends on their loss!!!

  4. Awe! What a beautiful horse! I am so sorry to hear that...I hope he did not suffer long and at least he was not "alone" when he passed. My heart goes out to his family.

  5. I would feel bad for anyone in this situation of course, but there is that extra hurt when its your first horse. And Ben had also just signed up to take a cattle handling clinic with him, he was getting excited that sorting will be starting again in a couple months.

  6. I'm sorry for their loss. Colic can take them in a heartbeat, even when they look fine a few hours earlier.

  7. How sad! I'm so sorry to hear about Bear. Beautiful horse! Thinking of your friends, even though I have never met them :)

  8. My condolences to you and the owners. as soon as I saw Rainbow Bridge, you know it's bad news :( And sudden passing is the worst, no time to say goodbyes.

  9. Oh that is awful. I am sorry for your friends loss. How hard for Ben to have him die in his arms. My thoughts are with them.

  10. My heart goes out to your friends.

  11. Oh no! I'm so sorry. Let them both know we are all thinking of them. So sad :(


  12. Aw, man. That's never easy. Colic can come on so quick. Darn it!

  13. Oh how sad, huge hugs to Ben and Jacquie:-( Poor Bear, at least he died at home and was loved till the end.
    Colic comes on so fast, there is no way of knowing when and where it's going to happen.

  14. Hello

    I just wanted to thank you Lisa for the memorial for Ben and Bear, I was able to share it with family around the world who never saw Ben sort with Bear. Bear was our very first horse and taught us alot about friendship, loyalty and respect. He was a strong leader and a gentle giant embracing everyone who came to the barn. With the cold winter Ben was unable to bury Bear on the famr and cremation was an option so we donated Bear to the U of S Vet College for teaching purposes. They are cremating his heart and hooves for us and then we can bring him home and place him under the tree next to dad since they now share the same date only a year apart since they both left us. Ben will never replace Bear but someday he will open his heart to another horse and continue his journey with horses and build a new freindship. Kim was smaet enough to save some hair from Bear's tail as I would never have thought about so thank you to you both for being loyal horse lovers!

    Jacquie and Ben

  15. As you all can see Jacquie & Ben read this post. I'm sure they really appreciate all your comments.

    Jacquie - thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you didn't mind me putting this up for you guys.

  16. That is so sad! I am so sorry. What a tragic way to go. He sounded like a sweet horse.

  17. Awww I am sorry too - My eyes teared right up upon reading this post.

    Bear is lucky to have been surrounded by the people who loved and cared for him - I am sure he is whole and healed on the other side of the bridge waiting for Ben to join him one day.

  18. There is nothing so sad as to watch a horse you love dying. I've been there too many times and my heart goes out to Ben and Jacquie.