Tuesday, February 24, 2009

1st try at a post with video (hope it works!)

What is better than a good looking horse? A good looking cowboy with that horse!

"Mantracker" is a Canadian t.v. show which features Terry Grant (aka Mantracker) who is a real life search and rescue rider from Alberta. He is paired with a 'sidekick' who knows the basic lay of the land. Its up to Mantracker and his sidekick to find and 'catch' two people known as the 'prey'.

The prey are given a map, compass , 36 hours, whatever they choose to pack for provisions and a head start to make their way to the finish line (approximately 40 km away) by whatever means they can. Mantracker and his sidekick have their horses and their know how. A flare goes off and that is the prey's cue to run and Mantracker's only clue as to the whereabouts of the start. Once he finds the start he tracks the prey.

One thing that I find very interesting about this is there is no prize other than the glory of being able to evade Mantracker. (if you're lucky)

Mantracker films all over Canada, which is why he has different sidekicks. This video is from the episode filmed in Saskatchewan (southern Saskatchewan, I live in central Saskatchewan which does NOT look like this - unfortunately!) One of my fav moments from this episode comes around a minute in (its in regard to the prey's search for water)

And this is just a slideshow of past episodes:

*images & videos are not mine*


  1. Wow, That is just crazy! I would watch that! Wish we had something like to watch!

  2. Mantracker is an excellent show!
    I've definitely been watching it, and man are those horses well behaved. It's amazing the things that a horse will do for a human :P Like say, swimming across a river, trekking through swampy boggy crap, and picking their way over the rockiest of terrain.
    I love that he is so sensitive about how his horses are treated. He said once, something along the lines of "get mad at me, but leave the horses out of it"

    I like the protectiveness he shows for his mounts :P

    Do you know if he owns horses all across Canada, or does he just borrow them from his sidekicks?

  3. That's the type of show I'd like to watch. Unfortunately, U.S. networks think that all people want to see is sex and violence. I prefer nature with a little suspense, Jack London style. Anyway, I'm wondering in the trackers can see the camera crews lights at night when they are filming the prey. Those lights put the prey at a disadvantage.

  4. OMG!!!! I was TOTALLY going to do a post on MANTRACKER!!!!! I am so glad that you did!!!

    And guess what!!!!

    There are two "Mantracker" horses for sale here in BC and I looked them up on youtube and found the episodes that they were featured in!!! I dont have time now but I will send you a link tonight!!

    I LOVE the show!! (And of course want one of the horses...)

  5. Chelsi - definately send me that link! (email it or on here)

  6. I want to watch the ending!!! What happened?? WHat a great show. He and his sidekick are riding great mounts. I don't think we get Mantracker. Aw nuts.

  7. Mantracker is carried by OLN (Outdoor Life Network)in the States.My husband and I know Terry, he is the cousin of Dewy Matthews from Anchor D ranch (see the link on my sidebar).The horses he uses are usually supplied by the outfit that hosts the show. There is a good write-up in this month's issue of Canadian Cowboy magazine that explains how the filming is done.

  8. VERY COOL!!!

    I like it!

    I want whatever channel this is on! Those other "race" reality shows annoys the crap out of me. I could really get into this!


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