Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bad blogger!

Yes I have been bad, I've been neglecting my blogfriends:(
Trust me its not intentional, just SUPER busy.
But I will have a real post up soon.
To tide you over:
I rode in the clinic today and it was awesome!
Then I rushed off to a (verra) busy night at work.
Seriously, when part way through the night you change out of you flats into 3 inch, strappy heels and it feels better just because its different... you've been run off your feet! lol
The restaurant was rockin'. So busy that we stopped taking any delivery or pick up orders for about 3 hours.
Oh, and semi news worthy... *I* wore a skirt to work tonight :O
(after all it was Valentine's Day)
But now I need to go and try to sleep, day two of the clinic when I get up :)


  1. Oooohhh...hope you are having fun at that clinic!!!!

    I have been a busy, bad blogger as well, so don't feel too bad. :)

  2. Glad the restaurant is doing well, Sorry for your tootsies, though!

  3. Glad things are going well with the restaurant - busy mean money right?

    I want to hear all about the clinic when you have time! Get some sleep and chat later!

  4. glad you were busy. I would like to hear about the clinic!

  5. Jus checkin in on ya...

    Hope all is going well - not trying to be annoying...

  6. Awaiting clinic report! Rest those feetsies.

  7. Glad you got to ride in the clinic - you'll have to update us soon!

    Hope your feet get a break!

  8. Show off them legs! Glad to hear the clinic went well, look forward to hearing more about it....Hope you guys made tons of money at the resturant that night!

  9. Whew! I think I'd pass on the strappy sandals and instead soak my feet in a warm, herbal bath and then have an invigorating peppermint lotion foot massage...
    We can dream, right?

    Hope there was lots of money made at the restaurant, though. Were there any V-Day specials on the menu, too?

    I bet you looked beautiful in your skirt. :)

    Oh and we've both been bad bloggers. I've been focusing on my PT trying to get this knee to flex and extend more. It's so hard! I'm so sore and tired. sigh.



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