Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I think its coming

Spring that is! The temps have been really really nice lately. Of course there is still the rest of February and all of March to get through (and March can be a killer).
But an even more promising sign of spring... I was looking at the SBRA website and there are more jackpots posted. Unfortunately there are 6 on Wednesday evenings, I'll have to miss those ones due to work. But its okay, there will be more! Also this weekend Kimfer, Julie and I are all going to take part in a barrel racing clinic!
And of course I have noticed the dogs and cats starting to shed out their winter hair... probably the worst part of spring! lol


  1. Ah no kiddin I the one of many things I hate about spring. I like the snow melting part - but hate the hair flying around part and hate the soggy ground - and the weather that's just still a tad too cold to do anything too fun.

  2. I know, Spring is almost here... well I wish it was anyway. I'm so OVER winter! I just stumbled onto your site from Pony Girl's. How fun... I too am a country girl stuck in a city. But my horses are too far away to ride everyday (with my parents 6 hours away on the ranch).

    I'll be back to visit! :)
    Cowgirl in the City

  3. It's here in GA:-) at least this week. But you're right, March can be very ify!
    Hope you have fun at the barrel racing clinic this weekend!

  4. Yeah, I've already noticed the boys starting to lose a bit of fuzz. Last time they were blanketed, the inside of Jaz's looked white instead of black.

  5. Noone's shedding around here yet. It's been snowing for the past couple days with the wind whipping around making it bitter cold here.

    I think the groundhog saw his shadow and went right back in for more of winter. Brrr!


  6. YAY!!! I'll keep hoping that you all wont freeze in the meantime!!

    I noticed yesterday that Sonny is shedding what little bit of hair he has too. Yipee! Love SPRING! (Course, I could trade the summer heat for more SPRING though..lol)


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