Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Stills ~ Music Groups or Songs in Pics

This week's Sunday Stills challenge was a bit different:
This will be a fun and challenging challenge to say the least and will not only take photo skills but a knowledge of music. So find a song or music group and then take a picture of something that represents them, sounds easy but it may take a bit of creativity. 

If you need a clue you can click the link for each picture to take you to a youtube link :)
My first one is a music group

This feel of this song would have been nice on this chilly day:

This takes me back to my late teens/early twenties, love the band (they're Canadian!) and this song:

A popular TV show covered this song and it was as good as the original IMO
Feel free to put your guesses in the comments, or just let me know how many you had right :)

I had a lot of fun, and ideas, for this challenge!  Thanks for suggesting it Ed, I wouldn't mind returning to this one sometime :D


  1. The only one I think I know is Heat Wave by Martha Reeves and the Vandelles..:-)

  2. Oooh sorry, although I guess it was possible it wasn't the one I was going for.

  3. Hmm the only one I got was garbage, and that was a guess. But they all do totally fit after I know what they were

  4. I'm old...didn't get any of them right!!! Glad you put in the links...that Lady Gaga is ummmm...different ;~)

  5. I'm thankful for the links...after I saw the photos with the songs I got it!



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