Saturday, May 26, 2012

Embarrassing Confession

Here it is... I have to ride Smudge, and I'm a bit scared.
Yes, scared.  Of Smudge for heaven's sake.

See all my horses had the winter off.  First the footing was way too icy and then when we did get enough snow cover to make riding safe my back was acting up.
I swung a leg over Voodoo this spring without a worry.  I knew he'd be a bit hot but I also know what to expect from him.
A couple weeks ago Applejack's new saddle came in and I was finally able to ride him for the first time since, oooh, the end of August :D
I had messaged a friend that if I hadn't checked in with her by a certain time she was to come over and see if I needed an ambulance* ;) 
Appy was happily confused to be getting saddled up and a bit eager to go but he cooperated nicely and stuck to the walk/jog I wanted.  Although he did let me know that if I was even considering asking him to run he would gladly comply lol

Smudge needs his first ride of the season now.  And like I said, I'm scared.  Not ohmigosh I'm gonna die!! scared, more nervous & unsure scared.
Because that is The Thing, being unsure about what he'll do.  I know my little black horse and my fat appy.  Smudgers, not so much.  I know he's safe for beginners, when he's had someone on to take the fresh out or he's being used at least semi regularly.  And I was told that the rancher that had him before would turn him out for winter and in the spring just get on without a hitch, but I don't know that... we haven't even had him a year yet.
I have a game plan though.  Tomorrow my arena is being rented for a clinic (Molly Powell), there will be lots of people here so I will saddle up Smudge and go for a nice, calm ride. And if for some reason he doesn't follow the game plan there will be lots of people around to offer first aid and, worst come to worst, call 911*.  And I will wear a helmet!

Yes I feel a bit embarrassed being nervous to swing a leg over 'the company horse'.

*I wore a helmet for Appy's first ride in 8ish months.  Also I didn't think I'd need WL to call an ambulance or that someone will need to call 911 for the Smudge ride, its just my weird humour.  Kinda if I say it I will unjinx it from happening, if that makes any sense.


  1. ya I hear you on that, I am always a little nervous gettin gon horses I dont know real well even when they have gave me no reason that they will be bad. But so far so good, I think its just us being safe and so go for it and Im sure he will be fine :)

  2. I hear ya...that's how I felt the first few times I climbed on some of our horses that hadn't been ridden in...oh...4...5....6 years. Everyone was like...'oh, they'll be fine, just get on.' Course I didn't see anyone else clamoring to be the first ones to ride them. LOL

    I don't think I'm a chicken, but I have gotten a little wiser over the years. I would saddle them up hours ahead of time, leave them tied while I was riding something else and even lunge them a bit before getting on. No problems that way. ;-)


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