Thursday, May 3, 2012

Odin's Owie Update

I am so happy with how Odin's leg is healing!  He had a slight infection for a few days but that cleared up fine.  I really need to thank my friend SD for doing the bandage changes, he really has a way with young horses.  All this handling is doing Odin a lot of good as well.  He's learning that just because he's feeling pi$$y it doesn't mean he gets a pass on behaving, he still needs to do as he's told.  I'm really hoping that saying about stubborn horses being good horses is true lol
I took photos today to compare with the photos taken February 2nd at his first bandage change.  Just a reminder, pics may be considered graphic to some.
(We found him with the cut the evening of January 30th, 
vet was out January 31st)


  1. Wow. Poor Odin. I didn't realize he cut himself. That looks pretty nasty. Thank goodness it is doing better!

  2. Lotta work went into getting that good of a heal on that injury! Cuddos to you and your friend.

  3. Wow sure looks a lot better!


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