Saturday, September 17, 2011

Vet day

Thursday was vet day, The Day, the day the colts were scheduled for brain surgery.  I was also getting Cessa's teeth checked and Voodoo & Applejack were getting their wiener holders cleaned (after all if the vet's already there...)

This is the face of a brand new gelding lol
Doc L decided we'd start with the colts.  I told her that while they are both halter broke and will tie, Odin is a bit stubborn and doesn't lead too well.  In fact if he decides not to cooperate you kinda wonder if he was a mule in a former life.
Sure enough he decided no way in hell was he leading away from everyone else and his safe zone.  Doc had to smack him on the butt and encourage him along while I led.  Finally he grudgingly moved along... maybe if he knew what was in store he would have refused a bit more lol
His gelding took a bit longer than usual.  His 'bits' were on the smaller side and even though he was drugged he kept pulling them out of Doc's grasp.  He made her work for it but eventually she got them both and it was a successful little surgery.  I warned her he was stubborn ;)
Tavi went down like a cheap drunk, the drugs hit him harder than they hit Odin.  He's got a couple hundred pounds on Odin but he was much easier to get down and to geld.

Next up was teeth.  My neighbour Jo brought her Paint gelding and mini mare to get their teeth looked at (which was nice because then we split the call fee) :)
After they were done Doc looked at Cessa and just as I thought there was not much to work with there.  Good news is there were no sharp edges, so no dentist for Cessa.

Then Voodoo and Applejack got their sheaths cleaned.  I will confess that I have NEVER cleaned a sheath.  Doc and I talked about it and part of it is that I'm scared.  I had a gelding that even when really drugged would light up and fire at you if you dared to approach his man bits.
Also since I've never done it I worry about not rinsing enough and leaving soap/cleaner up there.  That can't be a good thing.  Plus it is kinda gross lol
Voodoo & Applejack are both really good to clean.  NO drugs at all, they just stand there and look kinda mildly offended/embarrassed and like they're thinking "please just finish"
So Doc made me stick my hand up there after she cleaned Voodoo.  Just so I'd know what a normal, clean sheath feels like.
Then before she cleaned Applejack she made me feel what a grungy one feels like.  I have to admit that I went "oh yuck!"  She laughed and said, "I guess you'll keep paying me to do that"
To be honest it just wasn't quite what I was expecting.  I was expecting it to feel more like dirt.  It did not.

Both colts seem to be healing up well.  They were bright eyed and moseying around today in their pen.  
There was a nice surprise too, my bill was about $300-400 less than I thought it would be.  I had heard that a couple years ago Doc L was charging over $200 to geld so I was thinking it would be more than that now.  Instead it was $150 plus the drugs (which ended up being $30some each, so both boys were less than $190 each)


  1. Funny, I posted a bit about gelding my horse, way back when! Oh, Odin, if only you had known what was in store for you! Maybe he's been ruined and will never lead anywhere again! Would you?!!!
    I'm with you on sheath cleaning. I had one horse who was great about it and I did it.. but all it took was for Pippin to lift his leg... I mean, he didn't even kick out, just showed a bit of his displeasure. I have the vet do it when he gets his teeth done! Yup, call me 'chicken'!!

  2. I'll be having the vet clean Casey's sheath when the vet comes to do his teeth. Or, if I have to do it, at least while he's drugged up. :) I'm a chicken too!

  3. I don't understand anything about horses but this was interesting!

  4. I love it when the vet bill is cheaper than expected! I got to get a couple horses teeth done this fall and sold my gelding and the other one also just became one... so no need to go there for a while yet ;)

  5. Weiner holders!! LOL!! Okay you just seriously cracked me up!! I haven't heard that one before and that is a good one!
    Sounds like all went well. I have watched a couple colts get gelded and a few weeks ago one of them was trying to suck them back in. It is so interesting!
    Always a plus when the bill is cheaper then expected!! I've had so many vet bills this year, and they have all been big, as expected, but for one that I thought would be REALLY big and ended up being way cheap! Go figure!

  6. Nanner-nanner...that is one advantage to having fillies the last couple of years. (giggle)

    I'm with PG on the 'weiner holder'...LMAO...That is too funny.

    I don't mind the chunks so much. It's when you hit a pocket of that 'goo' that makes me wanna gag a little.

    The vet must not have found any noteworthy beans huh? ;-)

    It's always nice when the vet bill is less than expected. (Now take that money and go shopping...LOL.)

  7. I love it when the bill is less than feared- that so rarely happens! It's good that you could split the bill with your neighbor.

    He looks like a cheap drunk in that photo with his chin on the ground. lol.

  8. OMG!!! Thanks for the laugh,(weiner holder) I really cracked up! Yep, I've ben there done that, after the first time, it's not so bad...Oh who am I kiddng, it's disgusting!!!
    I am happy that the brain surgery went pretty good and you didn't have to mortgage the farm to get 'er done.

  9. It's always a relief when you get all that surgery stuff out of the way. Glad it went well even if Odin didn't cooperate. If you do decide to clean the sheaths yourself, wear surgical gloves- then you won't have to feel how yucky all that smegma is.


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