Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Funny ~ Airman

One night at McChord Air Force Base, I was dispatched to check out the security fence where an alarm had gone off.  The fence was at the end of the base runway. 
When I got to the scene I found a raccoon was the culprit, so I ran around and flapped my arms to scare the animal away.

Suddenly an air-traffic controller came over the public-address system and announced loudly, "Attention to the airman at the end of the runway.  You are cleared for takeoff."


  1. I'm still giggling here :) So funny!

  2. 1. This is a true story. It really did happen, according to my BIL.

    2. I grew up visiting McChord and often had lunch sitting where we could watch the aircraft take off and land when I was little. No, I wasn't there for this particular incident.


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