Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pony Playday!

Monday I got together with a couple of the girls and we had a pony playday... with actual PONIES.  It was so much fun!
I took Rootbeer over to Jo's and Wan brought her two minis.  Shann was supposed to come but her plumber showed up.
I didn't get a shot of Jo's minis, Mystic & Maverick, but here is the rest of the gang waiting for things to get underway:
Peppy, Pokey & Rootbeer

Another neighbour, Dave, drives & shows minis and was coming over to give us a bit of a clinic.  I had gotten a pony sized driving harness from my vet.  It doesn't quite fit well enough to actually hook a cart but Dave managed to size it down & rig it up enough to ground drive him.  After all that's all I had in line as a goal right now... then it soon became obvious that Rootbeer must have been driven sometime in his past!
Rootbeer & Dave

He stepped out like a pro, walking at a nice, steady forward walk.  No putsing around or dragging his feet.  He knows 'gee' and 'haw' and best of all he seemed to really enjoy himself.
Oh boy I bet Pie is going to be sooo happy when I tell him I want to buy some new harness that will actually fit to hook with and a cart ;)
That's a content pony :)

**please forgive the poor quality cell phone pics**


  1. Oh that's awesome!

    You'll have to start reading CutnJump's blog, Show In Style. She has a pony stallion that she has been training to drive competitively and she is really knowledgable about it. (Even if your just going to do it for fun.)

  2. Too cute! You'll have to share more of your progress as you go along. What fun :)

  3. Rootbeer has a job! Yay!

    Are you sure you don't need a spotty friesian pony too? She'd look so cute there with your herd!


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