Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tricky Question!

The following is a true story:

Not long after Pete & I had gotten engaged he came home from work with an interesting story. It seems he'd seen a story on t.v. about a couple and their horse. It was one of those "puff pieces" and basically was the man had a horse before he got married. Met a woman who became his wife. Horse did NOT like this woman. The horse was getting to the point where it was becoming aggressive to the wife. (would nip her and strike/paw at her) Almost seemed like a jealousy thing. It came down to the wife telling her husband "its me or the horse".
After relaying the story to me and commenting on how funny it was Pete (jokingly) says to me, "No question. You'd pick Princess over me, right?"
Hmmm.... how to answer that. Umm, smile and go to the other room.
Pete follows me in and asks, "You would, wouldn't you?" Not quite as jokingly as before.
I smile and say "Well, I have known her a lot longer than I've known you."

Thank goodness Pete has a pretty good sense of humour. :) To this day he teases me that I love Cessa more than him. Come to think of it, it was shortly after this conversation that he started to take more of an interest in coming to the barn and learning more about actually helping out rather than just keeping me company. ;)


  1. Haha great story!

    I told my current boyfriend when we started dating that I have one rule and its rock solid "love me, love my animals." There's no negotiation on that one, my animals are my kids and we come as a package deal :o)

  2. LOL! Never ask a question that you don't already have the answer for. Isn't that the lawyer credo? Sounds like you're doing a little husband training there, too. ;o)

    BTW, I surfed over here from Ponygirl's site.

  3. My husband fully accepts the fact that I'd pick the horses or the cats over him. I did tell him that he places before the Guinea Pigs though. Fortunately he loves the cats almost as much as I do and appreciates how good the horses are for my sanity.

  4. :-)Pete is a very smart and good man!
    Matt is very helpful at the barn, he calls the leadrope a cord :-) He and Lester seem to like each other well enough and Spooky loved Matt and he loved her. We both put up with Limo ;-)

  5. Pete's a bit closer than Matt, he calls it a leash. :)

  6. He he.
    I took my boyfriend out to see the horse I was leasing at the time. I had turned my back on Sunny (the horse) to talk to J (the boy.) Then Sunny, who had never done anything like this to me before, started licking the side of my neck below my ear. You should have seen the look on J's face! I think that pony had a sense of humor.


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