Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What's in a name?

I mentioned in a previous post that when Applejack is being a "bad" horse he is referred to as Applejackass. Thought I'd continue that line of thought here, listing each of our three horses by their paper name, most common barn name and then the variations.

"Super Raincloud" (Appaloosa gelding) AKA Applejack. I refused to race him under that name so for barrel racing he goes by Raincloud, I explain to people that he isn't fast enough yet to have earned the right to use the "Super" part of his name. :)
Chad (our farrier) calls him Applejuice or Applejuicer. We also refer to him as Bud, Buddy, Little Man, L'il Guy, and of course, Applejackass

"Quincy Skippa" (SBP Paint gelding) AKA Quinn or Quincy. Also gets called Jerk (when he's harassing my precious Cessa), Buddy, Big Guy, Big Sexy and Fat Boy - I tell him its fat with a "PH", but it isn't. :P He is way more than an easy keeper! I had him on pasture to let him settle in at his new home when I bought him and in three weeks he gained a hundred pounds!! :X

"Princess Spright" (TB mare) AKA Cessa or Princess. Also gets called Cessnut, Baby Girl (although she's an old lady now) Baby Love, Sweetheart, Sweet Pea, Sugar Pie, and muchly deserved, Princess Poo-poo or Princess Poo-poo Pants (she can NOT be in the barn without leaving "gifts" for me to clean up!)

There are probably more names that just aren't coming to mind. Now I'd love to hear what you call your horses!


  1. Well, I added parts of this comment in another post, but I'll add it again here because it's fun!

    Old horse - Jacksonville (APHA) - Jackson, Jackie, Jack-o and Jackass when he was bad :-) He also got Pops, Buddy, Mister Mugs.

    The new horse is Jesse, trying to change to Rusty. So far, in 3 days I've called him Rustykins, Jester (your suggestion), Mr. Mugs, Pops, Old Man...

    A friend's daughter (she's 5) thought that "shake your butt butt" would be a good name for a horse! Imagine that being called out at shows? lol

  2. Ok my turn:

    Natural Inclination - barn name: Stretch - AKA: Dorky, Dork Boy, Sweet Pea, Stretch-o-matic, Stretchers, Stretches and more recently I have daubed "Dummy Colt" the name of his other personality he slips into every now and then, the one that doesn't know he's been in training for a year.

    Bigger Than Infinity - barn name: Patrick - AKA: the little horse, Sweet Pea, Retarded (I know I'm mean), Pat, Patty, Paterick, and Sweetie.

    I once knew a QH with the registered name of "ONE FAST BROWN HORSE" and he was the slowest WP horse ever!

  3. Love all the names & nicknames!

    "shake your butt butt" lol And what discipline would THAT horse be shown in?

    Funny how some horses are the complete opposite of their names (a la "One Fast Brown Horse")

  4. oh, this is too fun. Possum came with the name Possum and it was just so fitting. he can be ornery, rude and is not very attractive to look at. He loves playing the devils advocate.

    SO I call him Bubba affectionatiely, Lightening when he's being lazy, Chief when he feels like he's in control. Dick when he's being one. The BO wants his show name to be Brick Shit House because he's so strong and built like one, but that would neevr fly in the show ring. Sometimes I also call him Big Man when we're spending good time together.'

    Now the other half of this story is what would your horses call you?

    Possum probaly calls me Mom a lot. And then Super Bitch cause I can be. and "oh, did u say something to me?" when he has selective hearing.

  5. Sidetracked: that's a good idea, what would they call us?

    When I talk for my horses I am called "Mom". My best friend (Kimfer) is "Auntie Kim".

    Probably far from what they would really call us, especially at "difficult" moments!

  6. Well, let's see:

    We have All American Choice--aka Riley, Mr. Riley, Rile-a-Roo, and when he's naughty, Riley Joe Thorson.

    Also Tank, The Tankmeister, Tanqueray, Supertanker, and ugh--his real name is Dunny Wimpy. Doesn't have a naughty-name, because he never is.

    Also Tiffany, or, The Perfect Option.

  7. "...and when he's naughty, Riley Joe Thorson."

    lol I can just hear that being said in the stern, fed-up mom voice!

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  9. This is a great one for me!!!
    Satan's Prom Date

    I rescued a TB mare! On the way home we named her Cinderella.

    Well I cant call her Cinderella if shes being her normal shit head of a self.So we shorted it to Cinder!!!
    Well shes getting started under saddle and well she is a bucker with the back strap on the western saddle (the only one that fits until her new dressage saddle come in). So her name became Sin-Der.

    Her show name is:
    Satan's Prom Date!!

    Cinder's names:
    Cinder block,Satan,poop stick, Sweet pie,honey,dove and dumdum

  10. "Satan's Prom Date" - now that'll get ya noticed! Very original, I like it :)

    And I have to say I have NEVER heard a horse called "poop stick"

  11. LOL! found you on a comment page!!
    Too funny! I have a mare when I bought her, name was "Trixie" It didn't fit. After a few weeks I decided on " Rumor" cuz sometimes they are BAD! And other times not so bad! I also have a 4 yr old Dun gelding named "Train Wreck" He is accident prone, He always has some kind of injury! (minor) His name definitley fits!

  12. TB Filly -Ransom of Red chief-Ransom- and names when i hated her like stupid chestnut TB. But Ransom past away 3-9-08 she was a rescue and a year later we found out she had some damage to her body from neglect and could not make it :(.
    25 year old Arab-T.J-tequila Joe,toco Johns, Todd Jr.-t-and he got called in previous life jack ass a lot.
    and cinder TB mare 5 years old- Satan's prom date

  13. Hey i dont mind at all if you add me that's great ya im going to be geting some cuit pictures of cinder soon shes a beef cake, shes kinda fat. Kyra

  14. LOL, love the names. I used to call Lester the Pigman before he had colic surgery, but I thought that was bad karma so now I call him Handsome man. I have always called him Sterman a lot too:-)

  15. LOL! GREAT entry!! :)

    Diago (Arabian gelding) is frequently called D or D-I-A-G-O (sung like the "B-I-N-G-O" song).

    Flash (Paint gelding) has Flashy, Flashy McFlasherson, and Bunny Boy (my husband thinks that with his markings...when he looks straight at you with his ears turned toward ya...make his ears look long like an he's quite skittish like one...LOL!).

  16. Very funny. Let's see if I can even remember all the things I call My Boys...

    Hank is also known as Big Guy, Big Bubba, and Handsome.

    Skippa Little Lyle is known as Lyle, but also Butthead, Knucklehead, Little One, and Bubba.

    George and Alan are always George and Alan individually, but My Little Burritos collectively.

    They all shout "Waiter!" when they see me.

  17. i love this post! i have a million names for all my horses, which i probably spare you ;-) but here's a sampling:

    'ex animo' (DWB gelding) aka 'nate' (or 'gnat' due to short attention span) 'nathaniel,' 'young man' or 'you big jackass' when he's naughty; he's also affectionately known as: tate, tater, mr. potato head, cuteness, big horse, doofus, and monster (if he were a cartoon character he'd be the hairy orange monster wearing sneakers from the bugs bunny haunted castle episode...)

    'biloxi blue' (APHA gelding) aka (the very original) 'blue.' he's also 'boo,' 'boo radley,' and 'boo boo,' as in yogi bear saying 'hey, boo boo!'

    'donegal' (Perch X QH gelding) aka, 'donnie;' also 'monkey' and 'donkey.'

    'mission: impossible' (Trak gelding) aka 'mellon;' also: mel, melvin, melon-head, melon-ball...

    they all answer to 'handsome,' of course, and 'stud muffin' (their favorite treat.) probably 'carrot' too :-)

    i'll stop now - i could go on with this one for hours!

  18. I also have a Paint with "Skippa" in his name. The ancestor who bestowed it seems to be "Skipa Star". Would be interesting if my horse "Skippa Starman" is related to the other Skipa's. My other horse is "Marker's Reflection", or simply "Marker".


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