Monday, June 9, 2008

Finally Some Pony Time!

I spent most of yesterday out with the ponies. First Chad was out and after putting shoes on Baron for Kimfer he put shoes on Raincloud & Cessa all around. Quinn got shoes on front feets only. (I am mad at Quinn right now because he is being a BIG JERK to my precious Cessa!)
Quinn was a very good boy for Chad. I told Chad the latest about Quinn and he suggested taking him to a performance horse sale in Alberta. Apparently ranchers there are buying LOTS of horses and Chad thinks a big, stout, good looking guy like Quinn will bring some decent money. He suggested a few guys that I call and try to work out a deal with. Chad thinks I can make a deal like this: "take this horse, work him for awhile, take him to a sale and I want XX dollars. Whatever he goes for beyond that is yours". (His suggestion was to say I want $5000 and that the Q-man will probably go for around $8000)
Raincloud (aka Applejack) was pretty good with his feet. Not great but not too bad. He did get one good smack on the barrel from Chad when he was doing his hind feet. But he deserved that one!
Cessa got face scratches after every foot. Actually she got face scratches during each foot. Chad takes it slow with her and lets her have lots of little breaks. This is because my old farrier had gotten Cessa to the point where she was good for me to clean her feet but for everyone else was a BAD girl. When I first tried Chad out I told him about the problems Cessa was having and he got on great with her right from the start. So Cessa likes Chad (and I like how Chad trims) so we have now been using Chad as our farrier for over a year. :)
After Chad left Kimfer & I de-wormed the horses. Everyone took their dewormer nicely, Quinn even sucked the tube to make sure he got it all. Next were shots. We give a 3-way that is actually a 4-way because it includes West Nile. For some reason I can't do needles anymore. I used to be able to give a needle but I just can't now. That's okay because Kimfer likes to give needles! (I told her that was sick) lol
Then the eventful part... my horses got tubes up their noses for their flu. Did Applejackass first. Can you guess how he took it? Yup, there's a reason I referred to him as "Applejackass" and that's because he was BAD. Tossing his head as high as he could and even reared once. Ha ha mister, he still got it in the end. (although now my shoulder is pulled out, good thing tomorrow is chiro day!) Quinn and Cessa took their flu like champs :)
Kimfer and I grabbed a quick lunch and then took Baron and Cessa for a short ride. Both ponies are under vet orders to be brought back to work slowly. Trying to get a hyper TB to take a walk is NOT easy!! I think Cessa was so relieved to be out for a ride that she couldn't contain herself. After stretching my lower leg and keeping it off her, I also got my lower back relaxed and seat deep. That helped her walk... although it was quite the speedy little walk. Baron had to trot to catch up every once in a while!

Today we looked at three acreages. Still no luck :(

And sorry to end on a bad note.... they had to put down a horse at the local track this weekend. Broke his leg in a race. So to whoever owned Brass Punch, I'm sorry for your loss. :(


  1. Hi CDNCowgirl,

    Can I just say tahnks for continuing to read and comment on my blog.

    I will add you to a new section I'm working on my blog roll (won't be up for a few hours) but it will be "other" blogs that don't quite fit into my "main" blog reads or my "weight loss blogs".

    I may not comment that often, as I am not into horses and riding myself, but may drop in occasionally.

    Thanks + best wishes,

  2. Hey CDN-
    Wow- Wuinn.. sounds like an OTTB I knew a while back. We called this horse Ned- big, stout almost 17 hands. Dark bay. Beautiful conformation, wonderful mover... until..... It was like someone flicked a switch inside his head, nad he would buck to rival the best rodeo horse. Ned hurt a few people, and his owner, a nice older fellow who would pick up horses from the killer sale and find them the RIGHT homes, decided that Ned was just too dangerous. I moved before he made the final decision on what he was going to do with that horse- he was leaning towards letting him just live out his days on his farm. BUT--- Ned would flip out like that for no reason in the barn too. I recall the owner saying that if the horse went nuts while he was on the ground with him, he would just be too dangerous to have around. He would have to be put down then.

    However it works out with Quinn, I sure hope that things go the best way possible. Maybe there IS that special man out there for him, and he will be perfect. We have a theory about Ned- while I was clipping his bridle path on day, I found a small calcified lump on his poll, and a scar. We theorized that he had either flipped out in the gate, or in a small area, and maybe literally did brain damage. Our vet at the time said he could not rule out a skull fracture, and yes, he said it was entirely possible this horse had some serious brain issues. Hopefully Quinn does not, and can find his person!

    Thanks for stopping in at HorseFeathers too. Sorry I have not gotten here before now!

  3. Farrier day - fun for all! Unless you're getting screwed by the BO's farrier! :-p I'm still peeved, can you tell? EgoTESTICAL I tell ya!
    I can't give needles, never have, never will I'm sure. I fainted when Matt got his wisdom teeth out and the doc handed me his teeth in a baggy :-o I was his "ride" home that too, I had to call a friend to come get us both!

  4. Denise: Cessa had an abcess that required 2 needles, twice a day for two weeks. I was able to handle that (she was a trooper, by the end of it I didn't even need to halter her!)
    Then I read too much about the stuff that can go wrong. Now I just can't do it.

    btw... love your new word! (egoTESTICAL) lmao
    and the fact that you needed to call a second driver when Matt got his wisdom teeth out! But ewwww... why would the dentist hand you a baggie of teeth!


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