Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Things That Make You Go Hmmm?

So today there was a jackpot at Bec's. Kimfer was able to miss work so we hauled Isis and Raincloud together. Oh, and we had cupcakes b/c yesterday was Kimfer's birthday :)
(the card I gave her had a bunch of sheep on it. It said "Herd it was your birthday!" then inside it said "Sorry, that was baaa-d")
HV was there so I asked if she could check out Raincloud after, he just doesn't feel quite right. She said sure, but she couldn't actually do anything b/c she didn't have her stuff with her. (she does equine chiropractor and laser therapy)
Our first run was decent. Not fast enough to be competitive but he was much smoother in his turns and best of all, NO BUCKING! :)
Kimfer's first run didn't even happen. Isis went into the arena and was just a pig-headed little twit. (that's nicer than what her mom said!) She got all stiff and threw her head up. Kimfer tried to work her out of it, even coming back to the start and trying to do a training run. She ended up coming out with only having circled first a few times. :( She didn't want to hog the arena trying to fix this right then. So when she came out she took Isis to the field and made her do a bunch of "work" there.
My second run was... yeah umm, NOT a run. My time was 76 something. Seriously, a barrel "run" that took more than a minute! Raincloud's alter-ego 'Applejackass' made an appearance. He got all stiff and uncooperative on first, tried a good buck to second. I stopped him, made him walk to second (hehe, he didn't like that!). Stopped at our pocket, walked around second, stopped where we would normally finish that barrel. Made him wait there a bit, then jogged sloooowly to third. Stop at the "finish" point on third. Wow, he didn't like that part, he knows the whole "run home really REALLY fast" part. He was all sulky like a spoiled child not getting their way, you could just feel it. Then I made him sloooow jog home. Hehe, jerk. :P
Kimfer's second run was MUCH better. Isis remembered she had a brain and used it! That filly is going to do very well once she's seasoned and gets to go at speed!
Kimfer did an exhibition run on Applejackass at the end of the jackpot. Except he was Raincloud again by then. I watched and noticed that I need to be much tougher with him. Physically I'm not sure if I can, I may have to let my body have a break for a bit. :(
Oh, and Kimfer's exhibition run on Raincloud was a full 6 seconds faster than my "decent" run had been!
When Heather looked at Raincloud she said that he wasn't too bad but could use some work. We'll try to set up something next week.


  1. Too bad that your runs weren't great. I think doing the 2nd one slow and making him walk/jog was a good idea! But what do I know? hahahaha

    I was thinking about Quinn again - have you had him checked over by a vet since his latest episodes? I was talking to an acquaintance on the weekend and she was telling me about 2 horses of hers that had strange problems.

    One just started flipping out - bucking, rearing, etc. Long story short, he had a pinched nerve in his neck, so anytime he was tacked up/rode, it caused him major pain.

    Her other horse just started acting really weird - crazy head tossing, bucking, etc. - turns out the horse has some sort of neurological problem where the edges of her vertebrae are all rough and rubbing and causing damage on her spinal cord... Please note that I don't know any of the technical details here - just 2 strange medical things that I'd heard of recently...

    Sorry for the long comment...

  2. I have the same thought process as Laura... is Quinn being a jerk because of pain? Why is it so hard to figure out these things.
    Less is lame and has some neuro issues and is now acting really funny about the saddle and girth... sigh, will the drama ever end.
    Sounds like the jackpot was a good training session for you and RC- good luck next time!

  3. You know I just have to tell you I really enjoy how you gave your horses alter ego names.

    That cracks me up too! I need to name mine too. I wonder what it would be? Stretch is never an ass but just goes brainless on me sometimes....like he just forgets half his training, it's weird.

    I could call that version he Dorkboy or...sometimes when he's doing that I look around at everyone and say that he was a Dummy Foal at birth (a baby that suffers from low oxygen at birth - usually they can't live but some do with learning impairments). Funny thing is that everyone nodds in agreement as if suddenly they understand. I could call that side of him Dummy Colt.

  4. The second "run" was a good training experience for the little guy. Guess I'll have to do more of that at home.

    The vet said Quinn was healthy but I'm going to get her to do a follow up.

    My horses have their paper names, their barn names and a TON of alternate names. I'll have to do a post on that!

  5. I had an alternate name for my old horse - it was just so easy.

    Jackson = Jackass :-) I also called him Jack, Jackie, Pops, Buddy, Mister Mugs - you get the idea. I'm guessing that horses just ignore our chatter.

    A post on alternate names would be very funny.

    To respond to your comment on my blog, I'm trying out the name "Rusty". I thought that it sounded fairly close... A friend's daughter (she's 5) thought that "shake your butt butt" would be a good name for a horse! Imagine that being called out at shows? lol

    That's good that the vet thinks Quinn is healthy...

  6. A girl we barrel race with has a horse she calls "Booty"
    Announcers have all kind of fun with it.


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