Sunday, July 30, 2017

Ready as we'll ever be

Well it's here... the 2017 SBRA Provincial Finals! 

Move in day is today, and I've entered both Lefta and Frosty.  I'll take them in and get them settled, then spend some time with Hubster before heading back for time onlies.  Yes they're both patterned, and yes they've both been there before, but with how well they've been doing this year and coming *thisclose* to the short go last year I'm trying to do everything I can to set us up for success this year, so they both get time onlies.
The two long go's are Tuesday and Wednesday and then the short go is Thursday.
I've got all my stuff prepped and ready and while I may be a bit nervous, I'm more excited and yet at the same time strangely feeling calm & centered... there's nothing I can do now to get my horses more fit, they're both trained, the weather will do whatever it does, the only thing I can control is myself and my attitude.  We're as ready as we'll be and whatever happens will happen :)

I'll probably be updating on Instagram (cdn_cowgirl) during finals
blog updates will have to wait until later

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