Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Red, White & Gold

So this happened :D
This past Saturday, July 1st, something myself and two friends (MJ and Ash) have been working on for months came to fruition.  The first ever slot race in Saskatchewan took place! 
I am so proud of the Red, White and Gold... from how well received it was by both sponsors and barrel racers, to how well run it was and smoothly it went, and the quality of the event itself (it was a big undertaking for us, we had never produced an event like this). 
The RWG ran Saturday morning, and following that was our annual District 1 Canada Day double header jackpot.  The three of us are also on the district board and for some reason we were the only ones from the board that worked the jackpots :/  However we were very fortunate to have a *FANTASTIC* group of volunteers!  The same people that timed, announced, and worked ground for the RWG stayed on to work the jackpots.  Our photographer stayed and took photos during the jackpot as well.  We had people in place to check/set barrels and to work the gate for the RWG, and someone always stepped up for the jackpot to work the gate and pick up barrels.  So grateful for those volunteers!  Between taking care of and running my own horses and running the time onlies before the RWG, there was still a lot of work for MJ, Ash, and myself that day.  It was so worth it though!  We're already talking about a 2nd RWG next year :)
Now, for the Team Rafter K results... Frosty didn't place in the money (he was only in the jackpots) but we did have our best runs to date, and he even clocked better than Lefta which is not the norm!  Lefta picked up some 3D money at the jackpot and placed reserve 4D champ in the slot race, which came with some pretty nice prizes and $800.  Overall I'm very happy with how both horses worked!
*photo credit to Wild Ting Photography for the photo commemorating the event*

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