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Sunday, August 5, 2012

This week's  Sunday Stills theme: "In honor of the Olympics, lets try for some sports shots. You may be able to find some sporting activities in your own backyard (I’ve seen some epic battles at the hummingbird feeder), but it might be fun to grab your camera and head to a community park and look for a softball game, swim meet, bike race, horse shoe tournament, etc. Take your kids, grandkids, family dog..." 

The SBRA Provincial Finals was here, unfortunately my indoor shots didn't work out (the lighting was awful, unless you had the pro photographer set up)  Instead I have a pic from the warmup arena, and a couple of something most barrel racers are addicted to, bling ;)


  1. I manage to control my bling urges simply because a lot of the really blinged out stuff can gouge horses when they are running, but WOW! That is a couple of really pretty breastcollars.

  2. Pretty nice shiny things I can see why they get addicted to it

  3. Nice shots, some of the stuff is so pretty, but some is just too much!

  4. I love bling! I only have a couple bling bridles and there is a bling breastcollar I want someday...