Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hello? Anyone there?

I'm still alive, I've just been busy getting some stuff done and trying to get my head together. 

Man oh man I feel like this was The Summer That Wasn't, when it was supposed to be The Best Summer in Years!
I had a few months off (with severance pay) and thought I'd get so much done, be able to ride tons and just enjoy myself.  Then I got hurt a few times, my main horse was sore and we had the worst summer weather I can remember.  Seriously it seemed to rain at least every 3rd day, and not just a light rain.  There was even one week, during the time most people around here put up their hay, that it rained five out of seven days.
*now I know some of y'all live where it's rainy & muddy 
a good part of the year, 
but that's just NOT normal here*
Now of course when things are getting back on track, now is when it's time to start the job hunt.  Or go to school.  Or both. 
See, still trying to get my head together. ;) 
One thing I do know, is I've missed blogging these past few weeks. 


  1. Hey there! How are the little guys? I've been on a job hunt myself, I may be a tow truck dispatcher, what's up with that? Not my first choice, but the bills aren't going to pay them selves. Maybe I can talk them into letting me bring Fred...
    Sorry about the crummy weather, we've been enjoying perfect 10 days lately. Like you, we didn't have a summer last year, it gets old real fast. Hang in there, like my Momma always says, "things always have a way of workin' out". Keep your chin up!

  2. I hear ya! been playing catch up all summer and I still haven't caught up! Maybe the fall...

  3. Ya I was not all that fond of all the rain we got this summer and then I was gone so much it feels like summer should just be getting started and its almost over :(

  4. Sorry you had to endure my usual weather!! It really sucks, doesn't it? :) We had a super wet year, but August has been dry, finally!!!
    Glad your back!! I haven't had much time for blogging either. But fall is right around the corner, which means rain, which means no riding, which means a lot more time for blogging!! Yeah!!

  5. Hopefully fall is better for you - stay healthy! :-) I hope you can ride more and blog more in the coming months! I miss your posts - but I totally get not posting much. I haven't written much the past few weeks either.

    Too bad about all the rain this summer, I wish we could have shared it with you. We had no rain at all for over 2 months!

    Job search or back to school? Big decisions - I'm sure you'll come up with something that works! :-)


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