Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pardon me...

but I'm having a bit of a pity party right now.

I'm sitting out on SBRA Provincial Finals.  It seems like it just was NOT in the cards for me to run this year.
First I only had one horse qualified, Voodoo.  And then he came up sore.  As in he was a total roaring A-hole sore.  Turns out he had good reason, he was out in his wither and really sore through the rib cage so to have an absolute fit when I tried to mount made sense.  He is feeling better and is forgiven.  And he probably would have been okay to go if *I* had been okay (more on that in a moment)
Applejack wasn't qualified; between not having a saddle that fit for almost a year and battling soreness issues he wasn't in shape soon enough to get to enough jackpots.  The good news, we have a saddle and I think his soreness is resolving.  I had been thinking he was IR or borderline IR.  Well after a farrier switch and a good look at his feet I'm thinking that yes he may be borderline IR but most of his problem was how his feet were being trimmed.  (oh and THAT is a post in itself!)
Lefta wasn't qualified because she's too green.  I'll be exhibitioning her this year and hopefully hitting jackpots by spring.

On to me... first I didn't get a lot of riding in because I was having really bad pain in my arm/elbow.  The doctor said it was basically tennis elbow, who'da thunk that would hurt so bad?  (Thank you Smudge)
But for quite awhile I couldn't lift anything heavier than a mug of coffee (and there were days that that was too much)  Riding was pretty limited, and when I did ride it was Lefta or Voodoo as they're the softest.
Now here is the kicker, I ended up having to medical out of finals because of my ear.  How freaking wussy does THAT sound?!  But really it is pretty bad.
I have a history of ear infections.  For the last two or three years things have been pretty good.  But before that, oh man I had so many.  And each time my doctor would say "Next time you come in with an ear infection I'm referring you to a specialist"  Problem was she never did.
Last week my right ear was bothering me.  I thought I just had an ear ache because I had been out in the wind and hadn't put cotton in my ear.  Then it went from aching to a full grown "omigosh I want to cry/vomit" kind of pain.  Thursday I went into the minor emergency clinic and the doctor said not only is it infected but my ear drum is ruptured.  We talked about my history and he wrote up a referral to a specialist.  When I told him I'd need a note in case I had to medical out of a competition I had entered with my horse in a few days his exact words were "Oh you should be okay to ride unless it's something crazy like barrel racing"
I just looked at him and said "Saskatchewan BARREL racing provincial finals" he immediately started writing a note.  He did tell me to play it by ear (my wording, sorry lame & punny) and IF I was feeling okay I could still run.  However the burst ear drum causes vertigo, dizziness,nausea, extreme headaches and a very stiff neck.  Saturday I tried to take a short cut and climb over a fence, I nearly spun off the top.  Sunday I tried to get on a horse just to walk, no go.  Monday Pie & I were running errands in the city and he took a corner in the Explorer a bit fast and I felt like I was a goner.  SO yeah, I wasn't going to be running barrels.
It feels VERY weird to be at finals watching friends and not running :(  But hopefully I'll be okay in time to get myself prepared for district finals (end of August)  What I'm hoping for even more is that I regain my hearing in that ear, well at least to what it was before (my hearing is already a bit compromised)


  1. Knee mails that your ear clears up so you can run! Thinking of you down here girl. Fingers crossed that the specialist can sort the issue out and get you back on track PDQ.

  2. sounds like you've had a tough spring/summer with ponies and you not feeling well! I hope your ear infection clears up soon so you can get back to normal! Hopefully a specialist can sort things out - although it may take a while to get an appt. - that's how it works here, anyway!

  3. So sorry about your ear. That is too bad that you couldn't do finals! :( Hope you are feeling better and next year you will go out there and kick some butt!!

  4. Have as much pity party as you want, you deserve it. Timing just sucks. But I can understand, I hate ear pain, nothin worse. Hope your specialist figures out whats going on. And I guess watching will have to do for this year.

  5. Awww girl....I feel so bad for you. I know how disappointing it must have been to sit out. Drat all the bad luck!!

    Hope you get healed up for Districts. :-)

  6. Oh, Lisa, I am so sorry to hear this. A couple of years ago I had two double ear infections within a couple of weeks of each other and it was some of the worst pain I've EVER felt! I can only imagine how you must feel.

    I don't really understand much of the "horse stuff" but I find it interesting!


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