Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Stills ~ Through an Opening

This week's Sunday Stills challenge:
 "For this next Sunday Stills challenge find an opening (a window, knothole, fence…) and use it to frame something on the other side. I found it harder than it sounds."

My favourite little man was my subject this week.  He was locked in the barn and peeked out the 'kitty door' to guilt trip me:


  1. Adorable!
    My boston terrier Tucker, is awesome at the guilt tripping. He's currently snoring next to me in bed because he guilted me into letting him sleep with me since he was hurt two weeks ago...

  2. Your pictures are too darn cute! What great 'through the opening' shots!

  3. awww how could you leave him in there with those pitiful eyes? too cute!


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