Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mikey's Virtual Bridal Shower

Wow talk about a wedding I'm really disappointed to be missing!  Mikey & Wade are getting hitched oh March 17th... yes St Patty's Day AND it will be a horseback wedding no less!
I may not have met Mikey in person but I really hope to one day.  She's a heckuva woman and I am so thankful that I've gotten to peek into her world through her blog and become her friend on Facebook.
I always look forward to reading about the adventures and storied she tells of their life in Arizona, some funny, some heart stopping, some funny, some heart breaking, oh and did I mention funny?  Somehow I think the post about their wedding will be my favourite one yet!
(yes she has promised to blog the wedding!)

Now I know that when some people toast a couple they wish them wealth and stuff like that, but I think Mikey holds the same values as I do... which is why I would like to raise a virtual glass and toast Mikey & Wade to a long lifetime together filled with joy, happiness, love, laughter and health
as their two trails become one.


  1. Thank you so much Lisa! Some day we will meet!! Thank you for the toast, I think it's the sweetest thing ever :)
    I'll just go be all emotional now *sniffle* You guys are the best!


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