Sunday, August 28, 2011

Alls well that ENDS

Another year, another District Finals over... and I am no longer on the board!  For the 3rd year in a row I said that I'd like to step down and finally someone else stepped up, five years on the board is long enough (well last year someone did but I was 'encouraged' to let my name stand and got voted to stay on)
I didn't place in the money yesterday or today, so I didn't end up in the prizes either.  However I have to say my horse was pretty darn consistent. 
It was nice to have the finals right next door, my friend Jewls camped out here with her ponies staying in one of my pens.  Last night after everything was said and done we had time to enjoy some adult beverages ;)
AND I was able to talk to Neighbour T about the hay situation - finally.  He has agreed to take a few less bales (12 rounds instead of the original 20) and half the squares (he had mentioned that he wanted some squares at the start, just not how many) plus some cash to make up the difference.  So that's a big relief -- especially since fatty Applejack is on a diet now!


  1. Hopefully next year it will be more fun for you, not being on the board.

  2. Sounds like it all worked out well. Maybe next year.

  3. Oh well, I hope you managed to eke out a good time. I am sure it's a relief to have your hay situation figured out. How's tucker? haven't herd much about him in a while. Does he get to go to the comptetitions with you? I'm guessing no, but I bet he'd have fun.

  4. I just love it when things go in my favor, for a change, don't you?

  5. Congrats on stepping down. Sometimes it's hard not to get 'encouraged' to do something. Being on Board's is an important job that too many people shy away from - but it can also be so darn hard! Especially over a long haul! Now you can relax - right?!!

  6. Bummer not winning anything but you got more experience for next year..:-)

  7. I was doing a bit of catching up-It's a crazy feeling when they start actually stepping it up a notch going to the barrel isn't it?

    I thought Moon was already running to 1st, but when he stepped it up a notch, my gut is usually going, 'OMG, OMG, OMG...Please make that turn.' LOL.

    Tough luck just being out of the prizes.

    Hopefully, you will have more fun next year not being on the board. Our district leader is stepping down this year and so far no one is stepping up. She said she held on this year, but refuses to keep doing it. She's like you, working a ton of hours and trying to keep multiple horses going. She is just flat wore out. I thought about trying to fill her position, but don't live close enough to any of the arenas in the district to have the means to get them ready for the runs. :( I'm kind of relieved. It's a ton of work.


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