Thursday, August 11, 2011

Smart Ass

The first time I tried to put fly spray on George he was quite alarmed.  He wasn't too naughty, but he was visibly upset.
The next time he got fly sprayed was a time when all the horses came in for water.  I took the fly spray and a lead rope and went and sprayed everyone.  George cautiously came over and took a cookie, I put the lead rope over his neck and started spraying... he still looked kinda worried but it was as if he understood fly spray was a GOOD thing.
Fast forward to now... George definitely knows fly spray is a good thing, and the silly little guy will practically BEG for it! lol
Today the horses were all out in the pasture except for Cessa & George, they were still hanging around in the corral.  I'm guessing they were the last ones to drink and just hadn't headed out yet.  I closed the gate between George &  Cessa so that I could hang a pail of 'senior stuff' for her to munch on without harassment.
George stood quietly on the other side of the gate waiting for his beloved to finish.  Until I brought out the fly spray bottle that is.
As soon as he saw me spraying Cessa he started running back and forth at the gate, lying down and rolling in the dust, jumping back up and running to the gate.  Aaaand repeat.
As soon as I went in his side of the pen he came over and stood stock still while I sprayed him (no halter, no lead rope over the neck, nothing!) His chocolaty eyes closed and ears at half-mast bliss.  I swear I could see a small smile on his little mouth.
Dang I love that little guy!  He's such a character!


  1. Oh George...he had to learn about the benefits on his own good time. I want a donkey! They crack me up. Exspecailly since I've been reading the 7MSN. Glad you guys were able to work things out.

  2. LMAO...That is one smart...ass.

    Donkeys can be so neat. We have that ancient donkey that lives with the herd at the ranch and she dearly loves getting any attention. Megan and I used to go out and apply Swat to the horses in the pasture and Donk would just looovvveeeee the attention so much she would keep interjecting herself between you and the horse you was trying to apply Swat to. She looovvveeeed to have her ears stroked. Became putty in your hands and would go right to sleep if you stopped to stroke her ears.

  3. Pictures. Must have cute donkey pictures. Of donkey smiles, and ears at half mast.

  4. That's too funny! Three fly spray lessons with Casey this year (OR was not ever really bad) and he's become WONDERFUL about it! Not George awesome, but still...


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