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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Enough already!

I few posts ago (foxtrot) I was catching y'all up on all the stuff going wrong lately... well lets add to the list.
After getting my vehicle back from the dealer for the latest check engine light, you guessed it, the check engine light came on again.
Let's just say it was a darn good thing that it was 6:10 and the service department had closed at 6.  I do not think I could have been civil. 
It is going in tomorrow for hopefully the final time.  Pie had taken it in earlier in the week but of course we had to wait for a part.  I keep getting e-mails from the service manager wondering if I'm happy with the service, I should send one that says "Do you really want to know?!" lol
Then for the second Sunday in a row I had water in the basement. I went out and checked the septic tank and pumpout, both were good.  I called my neighbour (or rather knight in shining armour) T and told him what was happening.  The clue that clinched it was when I told him the basement shower made a bit of a gurgle sound. 
Diagnosis... the plumbing vents on the roof were covered with snow/frozen.
I called my mom and told her I was heading to the roof.  If she didn't hear from me by 5 (it was 20 after 4) then she was to call this number and tell either T or L that she hadn't heard from me since I called to say I was heading up. 
By the way, Sunday was miserable cold.  -34C  NOT a great day to be fooling around outside.  But I sucked it up because it had to be done.
I sort of knew where the vent was but I wasn't 100% sure so I got out my ladder, a shovel and climbed up onto the roof.
And the wind blew my ladder away - foxtrot!
So I used my shovel to throw snow onto the deck while I was looking for the vent.  After all I'd be up there for awhile so I might as well find it!
I started to realize that I may need to get myself off the roof.  I was getting pretty cold up there, the wind was picking up and it would be at least 30 minutes, probably more like 45, before I was rescued.  So I added more snow to my pile on the deck, I think that subconsciously as soon as that ladder fell I was thinking I'd have to jump down.
If it was summer I would probably have waited it out.  But I was getting colder and also wanted to control where and to some degree how fast I left the roof.  If I slipped and fell I could possibly hit a tree or fall farther and land on the sidewalk.  Also the colder you are the tighter you are so the more it hurts when you fall.  I hadn't taken my cell because honestly when its this cold I don't usually have it on me, next time I will (then again I won't do something like that alone again either).
I scooched myself down to the edge of the roof, said a little prayer and let myself slide onto the snow pile.
Well first of all, the snow pile wasn't as big and soft as I'd hoped because that darn wind was blowing the snow away as I was shovelling it off.
Secondly I slipped when I landed.  Smacked one arm on the end of the ladder (because it just HAD to land in the way) and cracked my head on the deck. 
I stayed still while I quickly assessed myself, thanked God that although it hurt it didn't hurt as bad as it could have and I didn't have anything broke.  Then I went inside and called my mom, then I called T. 
T came over and found the vent and cleared it while I held the ladder.  (Thank you T!!!)
He admired the Hello Kitty bandage across my forehead and said "You fell off the roof didn't you?"  To which I replied "No.  I let myself slide off in a controlled manner then slipped and fell when I landed.  Totally different." (I've had to tell a few people that lol)
A little while later I realized that there was more going on than the roof vents.  Water just wouldn't drain back down that floor drain.  I ended up having to call Rotorooter to clear it.  (yeppers, after hours of course... 11pm Sunday night!)
Turned out it was a good thing I did.  There was a pretty major clog, it took him about an hour & a half with one of those big motorized snakes. 
I still say I'm happier here than in the city.  I'm just really hoping this Sunday is calm and uneventful.


  1. Uhh, yeah-- no more excitement like that please!!!!

    Hey look at the roof clearing this way:

    You were shoveling a clear path for Santa and the reindeer to land! ;)

  2. I have had a few days like that around here too.I "foxtrot" a similar euphenism to my "firetruck" one?

  3. rural living baptism by snow - so glad you slid down in a controlled manner" lol - gotta work on your tumbling gymnast landing skills !

    after the rotorooting, I think you should hire someone to do an exorcism next ;)!

  4. Wow thats quite a story, falling after you got off the roof!

  5. Life in the freezer! I fell off the stable roof the other month!, stepping back to admire the new roof skin! Too far back!!! Aaargh!