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Monday, August 23, 2010

Where,oh where

have my little cows gone? Oh where, oh where can they be?
And I DO mean little. A couple weeks ago Pie & I got a little steer, Stubby:
And a little bull, El Toro:
They are both Lowlines and the steer is ours but the bull belongs to a friend. ET only came to live here to keep Stubby company. IF we decide to go ahead and get some more cattle and have cows to breed we could breed to ET.
We settled both boys in as per DBs directions. I followed them to the "t". However a few days ago I let them have access to the pasture and lately I haven't seen them. At least not up close. :(
I've checked fence, both by horseback and by quad, and the fence is up. I've ridden through the pasture to look for them and there is one bush I can't get through that they might have. Kinda hoping that's where they've been hanging out.
Friends of mine that are cattle ranchers (The Farmer Fehrs) have told me not to get all panicked. That every single day someone has cows get out. It just happens. I know I've seen neighbour's cows out.
So I'm trying not to get stressed and worry.
We've talked to a couple neighbours and put up a poster at the local gas station/post office just in case they did manage to get out and are hanging around in a neighbour's pasture.
I sure hope they show up!
(and if they don't we will be paying DB for his bull)
In the meantime I'll keep a familiar tune in my head "Where oh where..."

**edit** they have been found!


  1. Oh no! I sure hope you find the boogers soon!! I hear of this happening a lot. Cows just seem to disappear sometimes! Slippery, little boogers! Okay, they aren't so little! But they sure can be slippery!

  2. Holy cow... errr. ... Sorry CDN ;)

    Hope the little monsters turn up right quick for you. Might have to *gasp* beat the bush on foot to flush them out. Always something to farm life!! ;)

  3. oh no! Hope you find them soon!

  4. I was so happy to see the "edit" that they have been found! It is awful when a critter is missing, be it cat, goat or cow!