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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wasn't exactly going to be "Wordless" anyway lol

I was originally going to use this as a "Wordless Wednesday" pic. But I didn't get around to it in time and I probably wouldn't have been able to post it without rambling a little.
It is the very first picture I took when we moved to the new place...

There is a horse in it, if you look closely. Cropping it and blowing it up its kinda blurry but here's a closer look...

I had put the horses out into the small pasture and was sitting on the steps to the deck enjoying breakfast. I had my camera and the horses had wandered back to the gate (after tearing around kicking up their heals and exploring). Applejack happened to wander into a spot where he was framed by trees but I could still get a shot.

The lighting was kinda funky to work with. Every time I tried to get a clearer shot, or to get a shot with him bigger it would overexpose and washout. Bummer that this was the best I got, but still my first pic at the new place... and its got a pony in it :)


  1. Nevertheless, a good one! especially as its the first one at a new place!

  2. Maybe that's a good luck thing, having a pony be in the first pic.

  3. First pic of your new home, and a pony in it , award winning I would think for you and yours

  4. The sweetest thing is sitting on your porch and being able to see your horses.

  5. Sweeet!

    But you know what? Don't laugh.

    I see a donkey's side profile in the green leaves, just to the right of Applejack. Do you see it, too?


  6. I saw the horse right off -- did not have to look at the close-up photo..So glad you have a place with your horses! It is great having them right outside the back door!

  7. w00t! Ponies at home! Happy, happy!