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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Holy. Smoke.

Its the beginning of August already! Did you know that? Did you see it coming? Cuz it kinda snuck up on me lol
This week is our Provincial Finals for barrel racing. Kinda weird this year, its here in Saskatoon so Kimfer & I are hauling our horses in for their runs and taking them home at night. Costs a bit more than renting a stall but the horses are way happier.
I'm only taking Voodoo this year. Applejack had REALLY sore feet & I couldn't ride him for about a month. Didn't feel it was fair to him to bring him so I vetted him out.
This is my first time having Voodoo at something "big" like this so fingers crossed!
We brought our horses in last night for the open riding. Pretty glad we did. This setup is nothing like any of the other arenas we've ran in for finals.
Kimfer & I BOTH forgot our video cameras today. Hopefully one of us will remember tomorrow.


  1. good luck! Would love to see videos!

  2. Hope you and Kimfer do well- have fun and give VooDoo skritches from me!

  3. I hope you do I have said before, "you are my hero" ....I am rooting for you on the barrel racing....

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  5. Just stopping by and saying hi since I know how you've been doing via facebook!

  6. did the finals go??? Hurry up and update!

    Oh and I had to laugh as I was catching up on your blog, 'cause this post says that it's the beginning of August and you're surprised at how it snuck up on you.

    Well now it's the end of August.

    Talk about sneaking up! gah!